Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Microstories: The Introvert's Choice

It's less dangerous
to retreat,
to withdraw,

to fold myself
into blessed
pad silently among
the ancient forests
in my mind

than it is to
have you sit near,
open my heart, and
breathlessly whisper

my desires,
my need,
for you.


  1. Is it really that painful to open up about the deepest emotions? Sigh, I guess I can relate to that. Folded within oneself- I can actually visualise that. Such beauty in pain.

  2. It is much easier, and offers a lot less heartache. My 14 year old is learning that the hard way. Boys and men can be such jerks!

  3. "than it is to
    have you sit near,
    open my heart"

    I don't know if you meant it this way or not, but I read this as the other person opening your heart up, which would be way more invasive and even harder to deal with than just opening your heart on your own time!

  4. The bane of an introvert, opening up to someone. How I know the feeling. I have always needed time to discharge and it is so hard to hide that from people who love you and don't understand. You just need to be alone. Good work.

  5. Great write. Opening up is so difficult - often I feel like I am peeling away layer after layer, leaving me raw.

  6. That second, as an introvert. you have captured [with such beautiful description] my preferred choice over pretty much any other option almost each and every beautifully!!

  7. I love how visual those inner two stanzas are, and the ending is pitch-perfect.

  8. I, too, would often rather "pad silently among the ancient forests in my mind"! What a beautiful image. Such withdrawal can be seen as lonely, but it can also be considered comforting.

  9. I used to be quite introverted and these words resonated with the person I used to be. Great imagery to describe this choice...


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