Thursday, January 1, 2015

7 Best Ways To Spend A Winter Break

I am a firm believer in the idea that a break, or a vacation, is a time to not engage in anything remotely work related.  I put away my work laptop, and push the latest report that I need to finish completely out of my mind.  I don't check my work email, or answer any work related text messages.  My husband is the same way; we are very happy to let go of work-related responsibilities and focus on rejuvenating ourselves.  This year our break has been emphasized by the realization that I will be starting chemo therapy in the next two weeks; I may not be feeling so hot then.  Here then, are all the ways that my family and I have been enjoying our Winter Break. 

1. Sleep in.  Moms traditionally never get enough sleep.  That's just one of those things that you give up in exchange for the adorable children you birth.  During the work week, moms traditionally get up at the most ridiculously early hour to make sure that the entire household gets to school/work on time.  During Winter Break, however, NOBODY has to be up before the sun, unless you live on a farm.  If you want to sleep until 8am, that is entirely possible.  Thirty extra minutes or so is entirely possible during this time of year, and that is golden.

2. Catch up. Got a full DVR?  Shows that you missed still in your Netflix or Hulu queue? This is the perfect time to catch up on all those shows that you've been missing because of various conflicting activities, such as soccer practice.  We've got a ton of Constantine as well as a few Finding Bigfoot episodes to watch.  Once they've been viewed, we can clear everything off, and that will be a relief.  The best part of DVR viewing?  No sitting through commercials! 

3. Movie Day...and Night.  Winter break is perfect for watching movies.  It's dark and gloomy and cold outside--who wants to be out there?  Grab some popcorn and park on the couch, where it is nice and warm and cozy.  We've watched all three of the Christopher Nolan Batman movies, Guardians of the Galaxy, and every Peter Jackson film involving Elves and Hobbits.  We still have Godzilla and the last Bond movie to go.

4. Read All The Things.  During this break, I have been able to sit for long periods of time and  There is not a darn thing wrong with sitting in bed, in your comfy jammies, and reading all day long.  Right now, I'm reading lots of fluffy books by Jayne Krentz and Jude Devereaux and Julie Garwood, but that's only because I've read all of the new books that I had on my Kindle.  I have a huge pile of books next to my side of the bed, and I'm making my way through them.  I think the YA book Ripper is next, or it could be Mark Twain's autobiography. Who cares?

5. Do Family Stuff. We have an Xbox One, and my husband and son have bonded over Shadows of Mordor.  The three of us have looked into the telescope Zane got for Christmas, huddling outside after dark and checking out the moon.  We've combed the back yard to make sure that Bigfoot is not hiding in the bushes.  We've giggled and had indoor snowball fights.   We've played Hide and Seek, too, although that has mostly been us sitting on the couch and Zane hiding. Because we're lazy parents. 

6. Eat. Drink. No Guilt Allowed.   During this time, it is okay to have an extra helping of pie, or a second glass of wine.  I'm not talking about eating your weight in fudge, although that is actually a lovely daydream.  Winter Break is not about starving yourself, or worrying about how many calories you're consuming.  Don't go nuts, but this time of year is not for guilting yourself about your diet.  Savor that bite of fudge, instead of regretting it.  It will taste better. 

7. Just Be. How often do we just get to be who we are?  Most of the time there's some sort of demand upon us.  There are deadlines and meals, and children to be driven to where ever.  It gets to be difficult to remember your name, let alone who you are.  Every now and then, we all need to have a small space of quiet.  Winter Break gives you those moments of silence to pause and contemplate and remember.   No pressure, just a second or two of peace, before we have to go back into the fray.

What are your favorite ways to spend a Winter Break?  Do they involve cookies?  Can I come over?  I wish all of you lots of love and laughter for the New Year! 

Go check out the other great bloggers over at Mamakat's World Famous Writer's Workshop.  This is the perfect time to join up!  The prompt I chose was 2. 7 best ways to spend Winter Break.


  1. We've mainly been doing #3. We re-watched the first two Hobbit movies, saw the third one in the theater, and then re-watched the three Lord of the Rings movies, which I hadn't seen since they came out in the theater. Man, those are some long movies! It was a fun project to do together, but I am totally sated on any desire to indulge in Middle Earth.

  2. Sleeping in is certainly what I would love to do. We don't have winter here but the kids had a 6 week long break and are now back in school.

  3. I love your list! It is the perfect way to spend the holiday break. I hope you enjoyed yours. Thanks for stopping by today.

  4. Bless you and the horse you rode in on. This is an excellent list. Funny how as we become legitimate adults, it takes so much effort to relax? LOL So glad you had a nice winter break!! Happy New Year to you and yours!

  5. Movies... totally! and Catch-up! and Reading (but I put THAT in "catch-up" because... I catch up on all things bloggy-reading-related. I so wish I could sleep in, but my body wakes me up (without the alarm!). Fabulous list! Visiting here from MakaKat's Losin' It!

  6. I should've made a list...and stuck to it!

  7. I really need a vacation. That sleeping in sounds so delightful. Great post .

  8. I definitely wish I read more of the things. It's funny to me that reading brings me so much pleasure and yet I rarely make time for it. What's my problem?


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