Saturday, October 25, 2014

Fiction: Ms. Bluebeard

Insanity is best hidden away,
scars tucked in the deepest
recesses of ourselves
near the beat of our hearts.  

There it remains.
We forget that it is even there.
As it should ever be.

But my lover,
ever curious,
to get to the very bottom of me,

Who I was. 

Despite my fervent warnings,
he kept bloody searching
until he knew the truth.

Poor man!

The viscous red fluid was dripping
all over my hands before I knew it,
as his own chest cracked open,
and I ripped out his heart. 

He should have left that particular scar alone. 

**Sorry to have been gone for a bit...Cancer is not friendly to writers!



  1. Well there's the metaphorical insanity and then there's the real kind. You went for the latter, obviously. Great piece. And as a cancer survivor I wish you the best of luck with what you're going through.

  2. so many incredible lines in this, but the one I liked best?
    " recesses of ourselves
    near the beat of our hearts."

    Wow, Tina, this was haunting and eloquent.

  3. I did not see that second half coming! Yeowch!!!

    I was just thinking that you were keeping up quite nicely...heal my friend!

  4. Interesting read thanks for sharing


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