Thursday, July 17, 2014


My work life often involves the use of a computer. If I am not checking emails or writing reports, I am using scoring apps or reading up on the latest research on specific learning disabilities. I also spend a great deal of time on my phone, texting, emailing, talking, and using various apps that are pertinent to work.  I get summers off, for the most part. I will take on some contract work, for a little extra cash, but other than that, I am off the clock. I stay up as late as I want, and sleep in. I stay in my pajamas all day, and curl up with my Kindle. I stop answering the phone, letting voice mail screen my calls.

And occasionally I skip blogging.

When I first began blogging, I had to blog every single day to get into the habit. Had to. No. Matter. What. No matter the time, no matter how exhausted I was, no matter what else I had going on, I was at my computer. It didn't even matter that nobody was reading! I called myself dedicated. My husband called me obsessive.

A funny thing happens when you try to force writing; your quality goes down.  You can't push the creative process, no matter what all those books and online sites say.  When you are focused on filing a page, there's not much time to savor the words you have written. It becomes stressful. I decided that I needed to get over that. Easier said than done. I still felt obligated to write every day. I still felt the "have to".  Then I felt guilty about not writing, and angry about the guilt. I began resenting my blog. As tired as I was, I would find myself arguing with the computer screen. When a person starts arguing with their computer screen at midnight, it is time to put the mouse down.
So now I focus more on quality, less on arbitrary indicators of quantity. I don't worry about internet access. If I get an idea, I will write it down in a notebook and let the ideas flood my synapses, without pressure.  I can always come back to it later. I won't sit in front of a computer screen, staring at the blinking cursor.  If nothing is happening, I won't beat myself up about it.  I step away, and go find some thing else to do. Like spend time with my family, even if we're only stretched out on the bed pretending to take naps so we can snap a "selfie" or two.  Zane says that we're a "happily family", and since he's my muse most days, I'm following his cue.

Sometimes the ideas flow best when you're out living instead of waiting to live.

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3.) Do you “unplug” during the summer months? Why or why not?


  1. SO very, VERY true. :) Also why my blogging has gone from 2-3 times a week to maybe once. I was editing them into blog to print books by year and found myself not including about 25% of the entries. Why? Because in the grand scheme of things, my kids don't care if I did 26 alphabetical Pinterest experiments in a month. But they would remember that we made the snow ice cream. :)

  2. Yes, Yes, Yes! I was worried about keeping up with the blogging this summer. Anxious about it, really. Real life got in the way, and I enjoyed my kids and traveling and I wrote when the I got the urge. It was a nice break. I love the last line, "Sometimes the ides flow best when you're out living instead of waiting to live."

  3. I agree, spending time with family is much more important than blogging. When Mr. J, my kids and myself piled on the bed together we called it "family group sheets". We didn't take selfies but there was a lot of laughing going on. Those are times to savor. loved your post today. Stopping by from mama kats kelley at the road goes ever ever on

  4. Perfectly said..."ideas flow best when you're out living instead of waiting to live!" I follow this simple rule -- after reviewing the writing prompts and if something doesn't capture an idea or memory immediately, I don't bother writing. You are right, there is too much living to do, too many memories to create. Spending time with family will make the final and lasting impression on those that matter most! Enjoyed your post.

  5. Because I've been blogging since 2005 I go back and forth between how I feel about blogging every day, or writing down everything I feel. You know me (and read me ) so you know that I am not a consistent blogger. I don't have the time and when I get home I want to spend that time with the boys since I don't see them all day. That said, I often unplug all year long when I need to, but yes, especially now in the summer months. After 7pm or so I am unplugged and plugged into the boys or my DVR or just thinking without being pulled into the internet.

    I am glad that you are unplugged and know that it's for a good reason. Also, your quality of work and words is exceptional lately. So whatever you're's working. XO

  6. You know, I am going through this same thing this summer. I have been blogging since 2009 and honestly I just can't get in the mood to blog everyday this summer. I did the A-Z challenge in April and that kind of burned me right out on it. Since then I have shied away from the everyday trying to shoot for quality instead of quantity. The kids are on summer break and are here and I can't not focus on them. I can't not go out there and enjoy life. I will have plenty of time to write again when they go back to school Aug 13. Until then I am winging it too. I always enjoy everything you I think this unplugging thing really does work. ♥

  7. I think you have have the healthiest blogging attitude! It's true, not everything needs to be blogged about and it's definitely important to live life first. That being said, I have a hard time unplugging completely. It's become such a habit for me to publish SOMETHING that I really feel bored with myself when I let things sit. I'm trying to get better about that.


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