Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Life At Our House

So my family roots are German, and I've lived in Germany. When I was 8, my dad was transferred to Germany, and we were there for three and a half years. I went to the DOD schools.  I spoke nothing but English the entire time.  My only actual experience with speaking German came my senior year of high school.  If asked, I can recite a line about reading two pages for Biology, but that's about it.  

In my husband's mind, such information as where I lived as a child translates a bit differently.  To him, I must know everything about Deutschland by virtue of my ancestry and childhood. I must know German. I must know all the cities and towns. I certainly must know all of the soccer teams. 

"What does this word mean?" Larry asked one day. "Bundes______Bayern?"

"I don't know,"  I replied. "It sounds like a town in Bavaria."

Not to be dissuaded by a little thing like an 'I don't know',  Larry began to spell the word.


I glared at him.

"If I didn't know it when you said it, why would you think that I would know it when you spelled it?"


I guess that I should be flattered that he thinks I'm so smart, huh?

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