Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A to Z: Yeah. Goodbye. Whatever.

You think I should stop all the clocks?

Cover the mirrors?

Fall into weeping hysteria

Grasp at bloody shards,

the tired shreds of what was?

Come kiss me goodbye then.

A proper shroud beckons.

I only mourn

The waste of my time.

42 words in response to the question, "Have all your clocks stopped?"  As I am jumping back into these writing prompts after a short hiatus, I would very much appreciate any and all constructive criticism.


  1. uh oh...why are the shards bloody? I think I like the tired shreds better. ;)

  2. I only mourn the waste of my time. Brilliant. Love that. It sounds like the end of a tumultuous relationship.

    (Huh, a word with 4 u's. I have alphabet on the brain. Is this challenge over yet? Wait--yet! Another y-word. Gah.)

  3. I feel this way pretty much every time a reality show ends on Bravo. Yeah, they get me for a little while, but I don't miss them when they are gone, just the time is spent sucking them in like m&ms

  4. GREAT last line. I love the strong voice - it sounds like someone knows what she's worth. :) Sorry you missed the grid this week, but I'm thrilled you're hitchhiking along!


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