Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Burqua Revolt

Wives, mothers,
Stand at the gates,
Uncovered visages louder
Than the sanctimony
Around us.
We few
Stand silent
Heads high.
All revolutions
Begin or end,
Rise or fall
This way,
We few.

33 words, and one of them must be a palindrome. My palindrome is 'we few'. It reminds me of Band of Brothers, the awesome book and miniseries. Except that I wonder if women could start a revolution somewhere, how they might take that step. Because I'm weird like that.


  1. Love it

    Punchy and great use of the 33.

    All revolutions begin with a few small voices, people power is so strong, a long slow war.


  2. If ever there was a need for a revolution, it is as you have stated, with women. Thanks for using the palindrome challenge to touch upon such an important subject. As always, you inspire with your writing skill and the originality of your subject matter. From one challenge to the next, anything was possible from you and all of it was good. Thanks for being such a good role-model, as a writer and as a person. Thanks for the numerous, generous comments you have left on my blog. With Trifecta going by the wayside, I value our Twitter link all the moreso. :)

    1. Oh my goodness! You're going to make me cry! Just when I was feeling low about my writing, you're here to lift me up. Thank you for inspiring me, and for inspiring the next generation, too!

  3. This is really quite beautiful. Each sentence fragment seems to hit just the right note. Nicely done. :)

  4. Great usage of we few.

  5. How I hope to see this come true! Women as revolutionaries!

  6. Not only did you do the prompt...you created a lovely poem and a call for a Women's Revolution! Love it :)

  7. BAM!!!
    *fist punches this one*
    Such a great poem, Tina. Pussy Riot worthy.

  8. Great write. Every word. Hope to see you elsewhere on the web!

  9. Huzzah! This is excellent work. Fortunately, many women have stood up (to get the 19th passed, for example). Political poems don't always work, but this one really smashes it, I think, which is ironic given all the "quiet" words (silent, sanctimony, stand, etc.) you use. That the diction drives the seemingly quiet (but oh-so-loud) action of taking off the burqua . . . masterful!

  10. MAN, do I love the strength of the phrase "we few" in and of itself.
    And then, a powerful poem. So well done.

  11. Women's History Month is proud of your words, and this beautiful poem.
    You never cease to amaze me with the power of your words, the strength in them. So glad to be a woman alongside you, ready for revolution.

  12. Ooooo! That is good one!

  13. I love this. It's beautifully written and has such a serious nobility about it. Wonderful, wonderful poem. I keep trying to pick out my favorite line and I can't - the whole thing is that good. I love that you used "we few." I tried to work it into mine but ran out of words. :) I hope I don't lose track of you - you are such an amazing writer!

  14. It's interesting reading your piece after just finishing "The Children of Men" last night. You are so right. Your words are spot on, elegant, long-lasting. This is a piece I will keep with me, it has power. I hope you don't mind my reading it often - always remembering the nature of Revolution!

  15. Wonderfully powerful. Your words paint the scene so clearly.

  16. Someone stole my Pussy Riot comment. This is so riot grrrl awesome. You packed a lot in 33 words. Thumbs up


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