Friday, February 14, 2014

I Wonder What This Story Is About

Zane often leaves his toys strewn about after a day of play, and when I am not stepping on them, I try to imagine just what sort of shenanigans his toys are involved in, at least when Zane is playing with them.  Sometimes I take pictures. 

"So Thor and Arctic Batman walk into a bar..."

"Arctic Batman and his friend Brontosaurus decided to fly to Vegas for the weekend, and they ran into Thor at the airport..."

"Brontosaurus was actually a world class airplane pilot, but Thor and Arctic Batman thought he was stealing the plane and tried to arrest him..."

"...And they all headed off to the nearest karaoke bar, to sing some Three Dog Night songs and drink peppermint schnapps."

You know, I was much better at this imagination thing when I was a kid.  I probably should have written some of those stories down. 

Also, Thor appears to have put on a little weight. 

****This was a NON-Valentine post!  Mostly because I ate all of the chocolate in the entire house.  But still...


  1. Ha! My kids leave weird little scenes everywhere with their toys, too. Honestly, they really do make awesome blogging prompts. Poor Thor. Maybe a little Crossfit would help?

  2. I find I can overhear some stories that my 5 yr old grandson is making up as he plays. He still tells them out loud as he plays. I remember playing make believe until I was much older than he....but as I got older I started whispering my story, thinking no one could hear.

  3. Despite a lack of legos in this set up, I still now have EVERYTHING IS AWESOME in my head!


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