Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Waiting for the Believers

Constance sat at the window in the dusty attic, watching the road.  She had been waiting there since Tuesday, but she had had nothing else to do.  The sun was just above the tree tops when the first car appeared.

"They're here!" she clapped her hands in delight, her joy infectious.  "They're HERE!"

Anticipation spread through the house like another contagion. From a second floor bedroom, Prudence twirled and leapt from bed to creaking bed.  The old rocking chair near the fireplace began to sway as Grandma hurriedly grabbed at her knitting.  Carolina ran from her room on the first floor, down the hall to the stairs and back, singing off key on purpose.  Paw began banging on the floorboards from the basement, just like he always did when he was disturbed.

"Calm down, everyone!  You'll wear yourselves out before they even get through the door!"   Patience sat in the breakfast nook, nervously fidgeting, while a stray dog barked loudly outside to herald the arrival of company.  She stared at the recently unlocked back door.  Patience could hear the narrator speaking from the back porch.

"Tonight's episode of Ghosts Galore will be spent in the Carver House, said to be haunted by the spirits of an entire family.  Sounds spooky! Are you ready to meet them?  We are!"

Patience stood, smiling, as the first paranormal investigator walked into the house.  A lady with a camera and long blonde hair politely smiled back, and Patience vanished. It wasn't much of a manifestation, but it was enough.  It was going to be a long night, but it just might be worth it this time.  If they made enough noise this time, maybe their house would be saved.

The startled scream brought the rest of the visitors into the house, cameras rolling.

The prompts are the words "anticipation" and "leap".  I was inspired to write this while sitting with my son watching another rousing episode of My Ghost Story: Caught on Camera.  That is currently one of his favorite shows. I have no idea why, except that his kindergarten class has been studying the Holy Ghost for the past couple of weeks. 


  1. OH Tina!! I loved it!
    I loved thinking of them as primping for the visit, what a interesting way to look at it. Thank you so much for linking up with WOE, I love that you write with us. xo

    (as for the Holy Ghost, the boys have had some questions about Him too...Jacob is still so enamored with all things church, God and Jesus that it doesn't surprise me. We should be comparing notes lately. )

  2. How funny to think of them just sitting and getting ready, like any other family. I was wondering, because of the names, if you were doing a period piece, and then it all slid together beautifully.

  3. LOVE! Now I totally want to know what they want to be saved from.

  4. I loved the names and their excitement as the mysterious car made it's way down the drive. Such a fun and playful piece.

  5. This is awesome! Of course, I regularly watch those shows. I love all the ghost's personal "quirks".


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