Monday, September 16, 2013


We were able to have our first soccer game of the season last weekend.  There was a big opening ceremony, with mayors and councilmen and reverends--Oh my!  I had my camera out and was snapping away.  I may have gotten a little carried away with taking pictures of my own child, as he so eloquently informed me.
Okay, okay! I parked myself on a lawn chair with all the other moms and put the camera away.  Zane's team played beautifully, and they won.  Zane had one almost goal, but more importantly, he remembered what he was supposed to do during the game without anybody telling him, and he passed the ball instead of hogging it.  That's progress in my book!

I am completely shocked these days when I read about how other countries treat their little girls.  Supposedly a 40 year old man married an 8 year old girl.  In this day?  That has to be a sign of a backwards society--a 40 year old man marrying an 8 year old girl. That's pedophilia, by any definition.  India has all but killed off most of their girls by aborting them, because they don't want to be saddled with a dowry. Now men in India who want to marry have to buy their brides instead of wooing them; CNN says there are poor girls stolen from their parents and sold for that purpose. What is wrong with these other countries that they treat their women so poorly?  Girls are not property, they are not a burden, they are not to be sold by the pound.  They are to be loved and cherished and nurtured into adulthood so they can love and cherish and nurture the next generation!  I just need to stop reading or listening to the news.  I always end up upset.  

Hurricane season seemed to start with a whimper, but it certainly heated up in a hurry.  I think that last week there were three storms in the Atlantic--Gabrielle, Humberto, and Ingrid. We are supposed to be getting rain from Ingrid in the Gulf and Manuel from the Pacific.  I feel strongly that we need a hurricane Millicent.  That just seems like a good name for a hurricane.  Also, perhaps they can have a season where all the hurricanes are named after characters from the Harry Potter universe?

We FINALLY got to see the last Star Trek movie.  My husband went out and bought the blu ray, and we watched at home, with commentary by Zane.  He wasn't really watching the movie, he was hiding in his Boy Nest and playing games on his tablet.  Every now and then he'd pop up, make some comment, then burrow back underneath his pile of pillows.  He decided that he liked the character of Chekov, but I think that was mostly because of the accent.  The accent made Zane giggle.

Yes, that is indeed a Christmas tree.  They were putting them up at Macy's when we were there on Sunday.  Here it is, not even the end of September, and Macy's is putting out Christmas stuff.  There is something wrong with that!  Everyone knows that the everlasting candy of Halloween(I still have some on the shelf!) comes before the evergreens!!!!

Let's try this visiting Stacy again, even if it is a little early.  Last week there was some sort of glitch. Have a great day/week!



  1. T, we have FLS marrying off children to cousins or old men. And there is the very real sex slave trade here in the good old USA. Hate to be Suzy Downer but not lstening, doesn't erase it. In fact, unless we express more outrage and take action if only on our blogs, voicing it is wrong it will continue. And the girl in that other world, if she's not married off, she faces gang rape or starving or both.

  2. I know that. And I have had to fight a culture here that says it is okay for men to date middle schoolers, as long as parents agree. I just get discouraged--one step forward equals two step back, it seems!

  3. I don't know where to start.
    How about, I'm in for anything that names stuff after Harry Potter characters?

    I worry very much about state of women in our world. Also Raising Boys brings this more to the forefront of my mind, because I want to be raising young boys and men that respect women, that do not take their place in society for granted. it's a delicate balance.

    and although I LOVE ALL CAPS, love that season of giving,love and faith, I don't want it to start in September. I don't even want it to start in October (because even though I loathe Halloween, I need to get past it and celebrate it before I can start the Carols of the Season.)

    it takes the best parts of it and makes it forced. I don't like being forced.

    Happy Tuesday!

  4. The second Star Trek is coming tomorrow via Netflix and I'm excited b/c though we saw it in the theater, it definitely needs a second viewing.


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