Thursday, September 5, 2013

Similarities Abound

My son and I don't have too much in common at first glance. The boy looks nothing like me, for one thing. His eyes are amber and mine are green.  He is outgoing, trusting, and everybody is his friend. I am suspicious and introverted.  He is almost always in motion, and I am almost always at rest.  Unless I am chasing after him.

And yet...

We share a curiosity about the world. We watch nature shows together. We read books about animals and put our fingers in the dirt.  We pick up bugs and rocks and snakes and any other odd thing that we find.  The sky is not the limit, either. The other night, he and I stood in the backyard and watched the International Space Station fly over.  If the moon is full, we will stand outside and stare at it.  Last night we discussed where the sun goes when it is night. My son asks tons of questions, and the two of us share a love of seeking the answers.  While I think that is wonderful, my tendency to question everything sometimes gets me into trouble, so I hope that Zane learns to temper his questions as I have.

As a kid, I was always singing and doing interpretive dances(MY interpretation of what a dance is supposed to look like).  In kindergarten, I spun myself around like a whirling dervish to the tune of "El Paso" while I sang the lyrics.  Once.  I used to have no compunction about suddenly breaking into song at random moments, which drove some of my teachers crazy.   My son does the same thing, although he tends to sing while he is working on an activity.  And I've seen him jump up and dance to a song, if you can call jumping frantically in one place before falling down dancing.

My auditory memory was very sharp in my childhood. I could quote entire conversations word for word, which usually drove my parents crazy, since I seemed to remember things that I was never intended to hear in the first place.  My auditory memory fell into a black hole around the time my son was born, but I guess it went directly to my son.   He loves to quote us from the backseat of the car. My husband and I have had to censor ourselves more and more, and severely limit our random cursing, or we would likely be getting some questions from his school. 

He's just like me!

Prompt: How is your child just like you?

Mama’s Losin’ It


  1. :) In FAR more ways than I care to admit I'm afraid. Scary part is, Youngest is more like Tony than either his father or I. This morning I pulled out papers from his backpack and they had doodles all over them. Tony sat in shock when he realized that he gets that from him. :)

  2. How is it that kids hear our private conversations from three rooms away and behind a closed door, yet can't hear us say to clean their room from five feet away?

    You and your son are obviously way more alike than you are different. You really pick up snakes? Ew.


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