Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Endlessly Random

I am back on the job as of August 1st, except that I am at my shiny new job!  I showed up bright and early for work yesterday with a tired smile on my face.  As I waited for one of my new principals to show up, I got to spend some quality time with a toad, and an actual hummingbird landed for a couple of moments to check me out!  I felt like I was in that scene in Snow White with all the animals and the singing.  Yes, it was sort of weird.  I liked it.  I felt very positive, just standing there with the birds and the toads.  I'm not used to feeling all positive and optimistic, but I think I could get used to that.
But I am still on Summer Time in my head...

I need a personal shopper.  Really.  Because I hate shopping.  Everything I like doesn't come in my size, the stuff that does come in my size is loudly colored, and I absolutely loathe meticulously going through racks looking for what I want.  It's downright humiliating for me, and I get very discouraged very quickly.  I'm also not brave enough to try new things. I need someone to go shopping with me, and at least give me a thumbs up or down at my outfit choices. I need someone to say "OMG!  That is the BEST color on you--you should really wear that color more often!" in a voice that is not at all condescending.  I like elegant clothes--clean lines and minimal fussiness.  It's one of the reasons that I love black.  Well, that and black tends to hide all the food stains on my chest. 

I have all these plastic glasses, because this is a clumsy family and I don't like cleaning up shards of glass. Is the phrase "plastic glasses" an oxymoron?   Some of the tumblers now have cracks in the bottom(Plastic cracks? When did that happen?)...except you can't see the cracks.  So I fill up a tumbler, not realizing that it's cracked, and set it down on a table.  And the inevitable happens, and there's a puddle.  That's how I figure out that the glass is now a recyclable item.  Seems to me that there should be another way to determine a glass is cracked, but it escapes me right now, because I am tired. 

Zane has announced that he will not be attending kindergarten this fall.  He's decided that he just does not want to go to school.   He does not want to do any work, he says.  I asked what he meant by 'work', but my child was fuzzy on that detail.  My boy would rather stay with his Mama at home and have all of my attention to himself, but of course, that's not how it is supposed to be.  I explained that he would have to go to kindergarten before he could move onto the first grade, or any other grade, if he didn't go to kindergarten.  Zane will be fine once he gets there and starts a routine.  He's just like me--new things freak him out a little, that's all.  Zane also told us that he will not be moving out, or ever getting married, because he doesn't want to leave us.  And Larry and I were beaming at our son and saying "Awwwww!" but in our heads we were both kind of hoping that he was kidding.   

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  1. YOUR BLOG!!! OMG YOUR BLOG is beautiful and light and wonderful. (It was wonderful before too, but this is NICE)

    I'll be your personal shopper, I love shopping and having other people try things on while I say things like "that's a great color on you!!" ;)

    Jacob got weepy in NYC the other day, telling me that he will miss his daycare friends and his school (the daycare they've been with since they were 6 months old). I hugged him and thought about the new stuff that was coming and I let a few tears fall too. It's all BIG STUFF.

    sending hugs (and an offer to shop with you)

    1. You're just what I need! I have a little daydream about meeting you at BlogHer one day--and we could go shopping!

  2. So when do you wanna go shopping Destiny USA!!!! How can you turn that down?!?! Or you could have your animal friends sew you some pretty dresses...too fru fru? Oh sweet Zane...seriously!

    1. The animals would likely dress me better than I do myself!

  3. Congrats on the new job! Sooooo happy for you!

  4. DD1 told us the same thing when she was about Zane's age. She ended up going away to college and never came home to live again. Interestingly enough she always needed help with the moving.

    1. Always it is the moving that brings the family back together!


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