Tuesday, July 30, 2013

More Random Than Necessary

I have recently delved into the marvelous world of vacuum repair.  The intake hose on our vacuum keeps popping off, which considerably reduces the suction.  It's a Dyson, so it is not "supposed" to lose suction, but it is also several years old and well used.  (I was going to make a snarky comment about suction, but this is a family show, so fill in your own thought there.)  I can completely understand why a vacuum might want a rest, but Maisy sheds her weight in dog hair everyday. I can't afford to fall behind.  I am trying to decide what to do with the hose. My first instinct is to just superglue the hose in place, but that likely voids some obscure warranty clause written by trained monks in some random monastery. Does a warranty still matter after six or more years?  I will have to think about it.

There was a column on Slate.com yesterday that really ticked me off.  This woman was describing how much trouble her dog was now that she had kids.  Her inconvenience was an excuse to treat the dog horribly and blame all her problems on the poor dog.  She even discussed wanting to drown her pet!  I wanted to punch her right in the face. We had 4 cats and Sandy when Zane was born, and we managed to take care of all of them lovingly. The animals were a little freaked out by the new arrival, but then again, so were we.  We all dealt with it.  It's not the dog or cat's fault that a parent cannot handle the changes in routine, but if you can't deal with it, find the pet a nice home where they will be loved rather than scapegoats.  Except that if you can't manage to take care of a dog or a cat, you probably shouldn't have kids, either. 

Last week Zane got to meet several of the San Antonio Scorpions.  They had an autograph session followed by an small camp for the kids.  My son made himself right at home.
He marched right up there to get his ball signed, and he asked them all about Skylanders, FIFA2013, and the Gold Cup(a competition which the USA Men's Soccer Team just won, thank you very much) just like they were his besties.  For the most part, all of the players were friendly to him, although there were a couple who did not seem to know exactly what to do.  Which is normal--Zane is almost a force of a nature.  The coolest thing for me as a mom was watching how these professional soccer players interacted with the kids when the mini camp started.  The littlest soccer players had a great time, even though they were in 99 degree heat at 6pm. 

I have purchased just about all of Zane' s school supplies. There were a set of Markers that I could not find, not even on Amazon. I also did not buy the antibacterial hand sanitizer, because I do not want Zane to use that stuff.  (He can use plain soap and water, which does the same thing without resulting in a resistance to antibiotics.)  I am still irritated about the uniforms that Zane will have to wear. Who in their right mind puts a freakin' white shirt on a five year old?  I don't even own a white shirt, because my chest is a stain magnet! I guess that I will have to stock up and buy 14 white shirts to start off the year, in preparation for the stains to come.

Amazon is putting in a warehouse here, in Schertz, Texas.  Tons of new jobs is a great introduction to the area, and I think that everyone in the area is looking forward to the grand opening.  Since I order a ton of stuff from Amazon, I wonder if they would just let me drive up?  Maybe they could put in a drive-thru at the warehouse, where you can order your stuff online and they bring it out to your car.  With a side of fries.  

 Stacy is in the process of moving to the West Coast but I'm keeping the random in her honor:


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Have a great day, and if you're in the heat zone this week, stay hydrated!


  1. I hope they are bleachable cotton, white shirts. I am a mess in white too, even at my age.

  2. Ooooh, I don't think your suction is under warranty anymore. I love Zane's spunkiness!

  3. Contact Dyson. I actually think they are "lifetime" guaranteed. I also have a Dyson, it was losing suction. I called, and they asked if I had ever changed the filter. Um, no. Threw it in the washing machine and it worked like a charm!

    I also own only one white shirt. The boobs always seem to be the "shelf" in which all things fall. Seriously, even when I go to the movies and don't eat anything but popcorn... there will always be a butter stain.

  4. What kind of manufacturer has a warranty that's still valid after 12 months, let alone 6 YEARS????? And the dog thing!! Don't y'all have an RSPCA or some place like over there that you can take your unwanted pets to find a new home?? Or maybe the person you (correctly) rant about can't actually read ...

  5. Dyson commercials annoy me. He always sounds so superior. It irks me.

    Cool about the mini soccer camp.


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