Wednesday, July 17, 2013


The other demons had laughed at her when she told them that she wanted to try the other side for awhile. But Lilly wanted to prove them wrong, and Lucifer had allowed her to go to the surface disguised as a human when he saw how serious she was.  Her father had chosen her facade, with explicit instructions that when her true nature began to show, she would need to return to the underworld..

Lilly had tried so hard to be a good wife. What human doesn't want to hear that his wife is pregnant?  Yet after hearing the news, John had opened the top drawer of the dresser and removed his leather belt.  He had beaten Lilly savagely, whipping her with the buckle end of the belt over and over, until she was cowering.  He never said a word, just raised his arm again and again. He would beat her until she died, she realized, and never mind the child. The demon darkness she hid within her was nothing compared to the evil that resided within her husband.

Lilly stared in the mirror after her morning shower, and she spotted it, right near the corner of her eye.  A new crack was there.  She would be able to cover it with makeup, but for how long?  She closed her eyes and rested her head on the steamed glass of the mirror.  She would have cried, if she had been able. Lilly knew that crying now would only open the cracks further, and she had to keep up her human appearance, at least for today.

Lilly knew what needed to be done. She even anticipated the event with a measure of glee.  Mindful of the mess, she decided not to dress. She placed several layers of plastic on the floor of the bedroom, and slid some of her favorite knives under the bed along with some duct tape.  Then she poured herself a small glass of wine and waited.

The prompt is the third definition of the word CRACK.

This week, we’re offering a photograph — feel free to use any or all of the items in the photo as part of the prompt.
Write at the Merge Week 29


  1. So we know the husband's fate...Now I'm interested in what will become of the child.

  2. Alrighty then! I wonder how her nature didn't rise during the beating. Can't say I'm disappointed. I think he's earned his taste of evil. I hope he gets it full measure.

  3. Oooooh my God! How does it unfold??? More please.


  4. My god woman, there is so much about this to love. Let's start with the name, a demon named Lily, perfect. And the world set up where she is born a demon to a demon dad that loves her enough to help fulfill her wishes. Then the lovely moment of her wretched human husband being far more evil than she and the sooo satisfying conclusion of her demon nature being her saving grace.


  5. Ahh ... there is only enough a woman should take ! Wonderfully written ... And what a 'Dexter'-ish end !

  6. I was just going to say I loved the "Dexter-sih" ending too, Shreya! I really liked the play between her being a demon and experiencing evil from a human's hand. I'd love to see how this plays out.

  7. Terrible to think that our human nature can be even darker than that of a demon's!

  8. And the only thing she has to worry about is the crack in her fa├žade. Very cool.

  9. OH Tina
    this was inspired, creepy, excellent. It left me sad knowing how much she had wanted to become human, to experience that kind of life only to reminded that some humans are just as evil as what she came from.

    WOW. It blew me away.

  10. Chilly! I would love to hear more of this. It's quite the turn around to root for a demon!


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