Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Going Home

The morning sunlight gave the rocks beneath the ancient lighthouse a rusty look, ghosts of all the ships that had run aground over the years, following her song.  Selkie still heard the groans of the men as the life had swirled out of them and into the black currents, the clank of the anchor chains dragging them into the depths, and relived their agony.  She wondered yet again, if the rust was somehow mixed with the blood of the lost. 

The dead had always called to her.

Selkie could not breathe the sea, and with her two legs she could not keep up.  At first, her mother would visit, swimming in the shallows with her child, but one day she just never came back.  Selkie then spent most of her days and nights wandering the paths around the lighthouse and all over the island, many years, since the last lightkeeper had died.  Alone.

The dead would sometimes appear beside her on the path around the island, sad faces gliding silently over the rocky terrain.  Selkie could ignore them, if she chose, but she was lonely, and the dead her only companions. Sometimes she would speak to them quietly, reciting Bible verses she had heard from when the old lightkeepers still lived on the island. In this way she passed the years.

There was anticipation in the salt of the air this morning, and the cries of the seagulls seemed almost joyful.  The dead gathered around her as she walked, their ghostly energy raising the hackles on her skin.  Selkie felt a lightness within her bones, and in her head a joyful singing thrummed.  The sea called to her.  She approached the edge of the island, knee deep in the water.  Out on the horizon, her mother waved.  Selkie stepped off the island, and let the current take her home.

The prompt is the third definition of the word 'rust'.

 WoE 15
I’m not sure what the picture has to do with being halfway, but it popped up in the search for halfway and I couldn’t stop looking at it. I hope it speaks to your muse.


  1. I like this very much. Makes me wonder if going home meant returning to be a mermaid/siren or dying. Your style flows so easily of her communicating with the dead. Very believable.

  2. I like this a lot - thanks for linking up this week.

  3. Selkie was halfway... between worlds. Living/dead, land/sea.
    Beautiful and well done. I love stories that let us wonder and interpret a little.

  4. I like your interpretation of the Selkie myth. Nice foreshadowing: "with her two legs she could not keep up".

  5. This is really good writing!

  6. This is a beautiful story. There is a lot of feeling in this writing. Well done.

  7. Beautiful. Selkie really was caught in the middle. I hope going home is freeing for her.

  8. Selkie!!! Lonely lighthouse!!! Home to mother sea!!!

  9. oh my friend, this was exquisite, powerful and such beautiful descriptions. I love coming over here to read you, it always leaves me sitting in awe.

    hope you're having a good weekend.

  10. Kind of spooky and sad... Definitely halfway. Poor child.


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