Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hard Times

They approached warily, fully alert to the fact that they had zero cover. Everything had been destroyed for miles in every direction, and the lack of vegetation meant dried up soil, and lots of dust. Winston covertly studied the home as they got closer.  The look was at first sight pedantic. He had to admire the sturdy walls, however, and the second story 'lookout'. The cover offered in front of the door was also ideal. It would be a perfect hideout to plan their next move.

"Do you think anybody is in there?" Winston kept his eyes on the house. They watched a man dressed in a top hat and tuxedo marched proudly out the door.  He stood waiting at the bottom of the steps for them.

"Yep." Smith was never one for loquaciousness.

The two of them made a show of adjusting their garments and beating off some of the dust, while carefully hiding their weapons. It wouldn't do to spook the man. At least not until it was too late.

"I am very glad to see you two!" The man shook their hands emphatically. "I despaired of ever seeing another living soul after this last blast! Come in! Come in!"

Top Hat held the front door wide open. Winston smiled politely as he thought about killing the man right then to save on clean up.  The two stepped across the threshold into a cool darkness, most of the front room in shadows, and a soft sigh echoed around them.

Top Hat slammed and locked the door behind them.  Winston pulled his gun.

"She will be merciful if you don't struggle!" The voice was muffled through the door. Winston banged his fist on the door.

"Just what the hell is this place?" He screamed.  He put his back against the door.

"This is the temple of Kali," Top Hat said.

"But we're Christians!" Winston screamed, as something grabbed Smith's leg and pulled him into the darkness.

Images are a favorite around here, and we all love words, so this week I’m giving you one of each:

petrichor(noun): a pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather

Thomas McCord's house "The Grange," built in 1819 and situated opposite Black's Bridge, at the first lock of the Lachine Canal, Nazareth Fief, Montreal, QC, 1872

The prompt is the third definition of the word "Pedantic".


  1. Aha! Turn about is fair play!

    This had a very Dark Tower feeling to me, the dust, the destroyed land. And of course it would make total sense that Kali would flourish in such a manner in such a world.

    And I have always loved the idea that it doesn't matter what gods a person believes in if they believe in you.

  2. I really like the turnabout in this one. Karma will always get you one day, and how ironic that they should end up in the company of, Kali. I'm glad you didn't describe what exactly grabbed him. It left things to my imagination and that's a scary place.

  3. It might be my muddled mind not fully settled from being away, but I got confused about hes and shes and why only one seemed to be feel trapped inside. I like the set up and understand the objective...which does make me want to know more. We'll chalk it up to my jet lag. Walking into the occult is never a good thing ;-O

  4. That image was very "Hitchcock" to me and your story kept that sense alive.

  5. How fortunes can change. Well written. (RogRites)

  6. Love the spookiness mixed with the dapper gent (:

  7. I knew they should have shot the man. I knew there was trouble about. Now to look up Kali.

  8. I like the underlying darkness here. Plus,these two prompts were insane and you slayed them both. Great writing, T

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