Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Barely Random

Believe it or not, I do not sit around all day thinking of blog posts.  Occasionally, I'll think of something, but most of the time I sit down in front of my computer and stare at it blankly.  I wish that I could just talk to the computer, like they did on Star Trek.  "Computer," I'd say.  "Look into my brain and find a good topic to blog about."
Yep.  Random Window Picture.

Of course, there's always the possibility that the Star Trek computer would self-destruct at the task of looking into my brain.  Remember that scene in Mary Poppins, when she opens up her little satchel, and she has all sorts of really cool stuff tucked in there?  That's my brain.  So many things jammy-packed in there!  If it were a room it would be full to bursting, and when you opened a door Groucho Marx would fall out(hint: that was a reference to Duck Soup).   And that's just my stuff.  I don't even what to discuss how adding Larry's stuff and Zane's stuff has my brain overflowing.

On the night before Easter, I took a bunch of plastic eggs.  Inside each egg I placed the usual, plus I added a glow stick.  Actually, I added a glow bracelet, but the result was the same:  Eggs that could be hidden at night, but found easily.  Zane loved it.  I even put an egg up in a tree where it was eye level, and he thought that was terrific.  This all fit in very well with the movie Rise of the Guardians, which we saw on Friday evening. Those guardians left a group of children on the ice in the middle of a lake, but well...nobody else noticed, I'm sure.  Zane loved Jack Frost, and the Easter Bunny, the best.  Explaining the Tooth Fairy took a little time, as did the Sandman.  Santa needed no explanation.  The Boogeyman was tricky.  I didn't want to say that he was just bad.  He serves a purpose, the Boogeyman does.  The idea of him scares people, and makes them do things.  If you're scared of starving, you do things to help yourself so that you don't starve, right?   See, necessary.  I know that guy scares me into getting out of bed most mornings so I can earn a paycheck. 

My boy is a ridiculous flirt.  He smiles and giggles around women and they fall for him.  While anyone who likes my child is wonderful in my book, I have concerns about raising a boy who always gets what he wants from women. He's going to have to work to get what he wants in life, I think, just like everyone else, and he may as well get used to it now.   But then I consider my brother and remember how everyone thought he was adorable when he was a kid.  He turned out okay, I guess.  I still occasionally want to grab him and give him a noogie, but for the most part he's a good guy.  So maybe Zane will turn out okay, as well.  I suppose that since life is so rough, any help we can get should be appreciated. 

I did a terrible thing this past weekend--I paid two boys to mow our lawn.  I thought it would be something nice for Larry. He'd been saying that he was going to mow for two weeks, and hadn't worked up the energy to tackle the job.  I thought that he would appreciate that I was taking care of the job so he didn't have to.  Instead I heard a lot of complaints.  First it was that I was spending the money.  Then it was that it took them so long.  Then they were going to break something.  I was starting to get irritated, that he just couldn't be grateful for this one thing.  And yes, they did cut the grass too short, and yes, they did pull off the pipe that drains the A/C.  But at least the grass has been cut, and we were able to put out the eggs for Zane's Egg Hunt.  

This past weekend was gorged, not only with chocolate, but also with television. Game of Thrones began their third season, and The Walking Dead ended their third season.  We can watch neither show while Zane is awake, of course.  The DVR is our friend! 

Go visit Stacy today.  She may have some new batches of wine prepared...it won't take a minute out of your A to Z blog reading!



  1. There's been a push downunder to convert the Easter Bunny (evil, introduced pest) to the Easter Bilby (nice, native animal) but no one has yet explained how either of these non-egg laying creatures brings eggs! No matter, I ate them anyway ...

  2. Your blogging process seems to be very similar to mine. I sit down, look at the computer and hope something of worth comes to mind... haha! On another note, I was completely underwhelmed by The Walking Dead's season finale. How about you? I am excited for the new season of Mad Men to start! Good luck with this year's challenge!!

  3. Oh so much good stuff here, and I have comments for them all. haha. I think the reason little boys are so cute and girls everywhere love Love LOVE them is because they are rotten little buggers--always getting into trouble (well my boy was anyway), and being cute helps us forgive him a lot faster (this also works wonders with teachers and babysitters). Thank goodness though--I don't know what I would do without my boy (er mannish--he's 15 now).

    My husband is the same with the lawn. He doesn't want to do it, but no one can do it as well as him, and you can bet their will be complaints no matter what. I guess I am the same way with folding laundry and... pretty much everything else too.

    I was irritated that both the Walking Dead and Game of Thrones came on at exactly the same time, Sunday. We watched the walking dead AND the Talking Dead Sunday and saved the Game of Thrones for last night (DVRing has changed my life!)--they can't get enough stuff into that hour long episode, and I am greedy for more. :) I'm glad I found you--sorry for the long comment.

  4. I can absolutely relate to sitting down, staring at a blank screen and willing it to come up with something creative for me. Wouldn't it be cool to have a computer like Star Trek that you could just command to do that for you? ;)

    I love the glow stick and Easter egg hunt at night idea! I'm totally going to go all Rise of the Guardians next year (well, except I won't be leaving a group of kids on the ice in the middle of a lake...heh!)

    With you for a mama, Zane will turn out just fine, flirty and all! ;)

    My hubby would be the same way if I paid someone to do the lawn (especially since he's a procrastinator in the department and it drives me crazy!) Heck, he gets that way if I can't stand it anymore and *I* do it. :)

    Easter Fun, Forgetful Mind, Minecraft Craftiness: Random Tuesday Thoughts Rebel

  5. Barely random....The Boogeyman was a good B in the post. Mr BC will hire someone to mow, but still complains...only to me. I will pass glow stick suggestion to DD1.

    Katie atBankerchick Scratchings

  6. Oh I love the idea of the glowing egg hunt! You are such a fun momma!

  7. oh glow sticks in the eggs..that's Brilliant!!!!!!

    And I have the same worries with my own sons, that they are so adored by women, girls, puppies etc that I know that even at 5, we are going to have some issues with their allure by the time they have turned into teenagers. One minute it makes me smile, the next I am shaking with worry about it. Raising boys who will be generous, kind, inclusive is tough work.

    hope you enjoyed your shows. I don't watch GOT or the Walking Dead but I hope they were entertaining.


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