Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Randomly Frigid

I would just like to say...Brrrrrrrrr!

We don't often have snow here, but the icy weather has made it this far south to wreak havoc on my fashion sense. I had just put away my sweaters, and retrieved my Capri pants. I even wore my maxi dress on Friday, because I was feeling saucy. Yesterday I wore random warm stuff that I pulled from the closet. A khaki sweater, a mauve scarf from the bag marked for Goodwill, among other stuff. I looked fashionably homeless, but I didn't care. All I cared about was not freezing. I think that the real question here is that I get cold at all. Whales are covered in blubber so they don't freeze. I have blubber...but I still get cold! Also, why do only bears get to sleep all winter and lose weight?  

He's only five, and already he wants the keys to the car!  Lucky for me, his feet don't reach the pedals yet.  We have some old steering columns lying about--the ones that go with a gaming console.  Larry had to have them, and he played with them once...then he was done.   Now they are gathering dust, and should be put to better use, like as a toy for a rambunctious five year old.  

I have not heard from my favorite "church" recently.  The guys who invited me and more than 700 of my close, personal friends to sit and talk about sex.  I wonder if they ever explained how to have sex done God's way, as they advertised?  If so, Easter services would likely be worth the cost of a Sunday hat, I think.

We had the boy's first soccer game on Saturday.  Remember the movie The Incredibles?  At the end, when the family is yelling at their son Dash as he competes in a track race, and they're yelling at him to slow it down and come in second.  Remember that?  That's how good Zane's team was playing.  It seemed as if every time they looked at the ball they were scoring and I started rooting for the other team secretly. I can't help but root for the underdog.  .

Friday night Larry watched the USA team play Costa Rica in a blinding snow storm for a World Cup match.  For those who don't know a thing about soccer, the World Cup is the Super Bowl, World Series, and Stanley Cup rolled into one. It's an entire year of March Madness. If you win, you're the champion of the entire planet. That's pretty darn awesome if you think about it.  Anyway, World Cup matches are gold for the countries that win them, and the USA team did not make it last time, so they're really pushing themselves.  Never mind that they played in a raging blizzard Friday.  They won the game.  Costa Rica, who probably has never played in snow before, is appealing on account of they didn't know it would be that cold.  Maybe when the refs review the footage of the blizzard, they'll see a couple of red card maneuvers that Costa Rica threw out there.  Can they retroactively give out red cards? If so, I know a few people who deserve them.

Zane gets to have an egg hunt at his school on Thursday.  We were asked to each bring 12 eggs filled with candy, so I did.  The boy will be hopped up on candy Thursday night.  Yay.  Good thing that we have Good Friday off!  If the weather doesn't improve,  I intend to hibernate. 

Go see Stacy over at Stacy Uncorked  NOW!! She is the awesome! Plus she is probably cold and needs the warmth!



  1. Hooray for the start of soccer...ope it warms up a little for you though (yes, I am pretending to feel bad about your cold weather)

  2. Your last sentence had me totally cracking up! Who am I kidding, your whole post had me cracking up! ;)

    And where's a picture of this put-together-for-the-frigid-weather-ensemble, hmmmmm? :)

    We keep teasing Princess Nagger asking her if she'd like to drive, but she turns us down Every. Single. Time. Little Dude, however (who is 5) would drive in a heartbeat if we really let him. I think you're right - those steering columns would make great toys! ;) And what a cutie he is - he's going to be a lady killer someday. Not in the literal sense, of course. I hope. >;o)~

    I have a habit of rooting for the underdog, too. :)

    I wish Princess Nagger's school did egg hunting - they're so Politically Correct they keep all the holidays generic. At least I made up for it since I couldn't help myself buying several different Easter Egg hunting egg packages plus empty eggs to fill (ooops, better buy something to go inside those!!) and once again I went way overboard - which means I'm going to have to get creative hiding a bazillion eggs in the living room for the kids to find. I'd put them in the yard, but the dogs and cats (including the stupid neighbor dog) might find them first. Or, you know, pee on them. So we keep the hiding indoors for safety reasons. And because I have to do the hiding in the middle of the night to make sure I'm not busted as the Easter Bunny. ;)

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