Sunday, February 10, 2013



Today’s (completely) optional prompt: Blessings

There are lots of blessings in my life.  I was blessed with two parents who fed and clothed me and never let me get too big for my britches.  I was blessed with a brother, who probably owes me at least a punch or two, who has never collected.  I've been blessed with a great husband, a wonderful child, two cats, a puppy who is probably going to be bigger than me, a job and a roof over our heads.  I have no reason to be discontent with my lot in life. 

Yet occasionally, I wonder.

What if all the adverse events and occurrences in my life were the blessings?  We always associate a blessing with a positive outcome, but what if that's not always the case? What if my miscarriage was a gift?  What if my husband's cancer was actually supposed to be a treasure, cherished beyond measure?   I know there are some people would lose their minds if they knew that I think about things like this, but who am I to say that I know the mind of God?  Or even if that mind is a benevolent one?  Humans have all these ideas and intents and purposes that they ascribe to God's will or his "divine" plan, but really, we know nothing about it.  We truly do not. Anyone who says otherwise is selling something.

So what if a person takes the most horrible, tragic thing that ever happened to them, and looks at that event as a gift instead of misfortune?  It might not make the event less horrific, but maybe it also would reset that trauma, add a different shading to the picture that person carries in their mind.  By changing the perspective a little, maybe it will help a person move forward, instead of staying stuck.


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  1. Food for thought...there are times that I question decisions I have made and can't make myself see the good but then there are times when crappy things happen and, while it sucks, I know things will work out.
    Not that I am right or wrong but this makes me think.

  2. Another great twist on the prompt. I think of my miscarriage. We had just adopted our daughter and I got pregnant. Then miscarried. It's highly unlikely if that child had been born -- no just with the timing -- if that child had been born, our third child (ours by adoption) would not be in our lives. My life in many ways would be completely different. And my son would be being raised by someone else.

    Way too deep for me on a comment. Ha.

  3. Another blogger once wrote that she was most grateful for her rape, because then when her daughter was molested, she knew how to help her.

    I suppose everything, no matter how horrendous, can be a blessing if we allow it to be.

  4. It's all a matter of how you look at things/events, I guess. It's hard to believe things were meant to be when bad things happen. But I like the thoughts this interpretation provide me.

    And when I read this first this morning, things were BLUE!!!


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