Sunday, January 13, 2013


My son and I have been taking our puppy Maisy for long walks whenever the weather cooperates, so yesterday we headed out, Zane with his Hobbit(tm) replica axe, and me with Maisy, my cell phone, and the broom handle we use as a walking stick.  We started off walking toward the nearest park, and then we decided to head in a diffrent direction, before changing our minds and going in the opposite direction.

We meandered, in other words.

How often do we just meander?  How often do we just head in whichever direction we have the urge?  Not much, I think.  I know that I feel much more comfortable knowing the direction that I am heading.  I like to know what the destination is, and how I am going to get there.  I can't be the only one, otherwise GPS wouldn't be so popular.  Our lives are so overscheduled these days--we always seem to be going somewhere to do something.  Soon it will be the start of soccer season, and we will be rushing about trying to get to games and practices, among our other responsibilities.

But on this day, we walked with no particular direction, the boy and I, with no particular place to be.  Zane would ask me about Bigfoot, how tall he might be in comparison to various trees and other objects, and I would give him my opinion.  He asked me to help him identify an insect for him, and we would put our heads together and discuss whichever bug was in front of us.  We examined rocks, including one that Zane called the Eye of Sauron as he put it in his pocket. We got mud on our shoes, climbed up and down hills, and Maisy ran circles around us the whole way.

Good times.

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  1. Funny. Youngest and I went for a run today, and had Tony not hurt himself I would have been out for an hour, headset on, by myself. Instead we did 3 miles (some walk, some run) and we talked.

    He told me hippos run at 25 mph. Who knew?

    Seriously, good times.


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