Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sometimes it is the Journey

Today’s (totally optional) prompt: Journey

Sometimes I feel like I've journeyed enough for three lifetimes.   I've moved over twenty times since I was born, lived in several states and one foreign country.  I've explored the world around me, learning the curves and bumps.  I've seen statues, and browsed museums.  I've met a great many people along the road, and liked most of them.  I've learned something valuable from most of them.

Inside my head, which has always been the road most traveled, I think I've journeyed quite a bit from the naive, socially inept introvert who spent most of her time in her room with her head in a book.  I'm still an introvert who loves to read, but the naivety is long gone, and the socially inept only shows up at parties and large gatherings.   I wonder what that little girl would make of the me I've become.  Would she be proud, or maybe less anxious about the future, or would I look so foreign to her that she would cower under the bed covers, like she did after secretly reading Jaws

I've journeyed my way over childhood traumas, through college debaucheries, and over workplace dramas. I've journeyed to finding the love of my life and creating our own family.  I've journeyed through the promise of new life, and its death. I've journeyed to the other side of two near-death experiences, and came out on the other side.  It may be that I will be journeying through to a new job this year, or at least a new workplace.  It may be that changes, good and bad, will be thrown my way, and I won't weather all of them well. 

But I will weather them.  These are all just brief stops on my way to my destination, and I'll get through them the way I always do:  One foot in front of the other. 

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