Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Randomitis Is Not Contagious

 I haven't been getting the comments that I would like on Tuesdays.  Is it the java exploit that the Department of Homeland Security is talking about?  Is that what's keeping everyone away? 

It's the flu bug going around, isn't it?   I don't know anyone who has had the flu yet, but I imagine that it won't be long.  I have not had the flu shot, and I won't be getting a flu shot.  It's not bravado on my part--I'm allergic to the flu shot.  Yep.  How weird is that?  I'm not allergic to chicken or eggs, so I shouldn't be allergic to the stoopid flu shot.  But I am.The last time I had the flu shot, I had what is known as a "localized" reaction.  The skin on my legs turned purple and black, and they itched so bad that I wanted to peel my skin back so I could scratch the other side.  So no flu shot for me.  I'm going to make Larry get one, and Zane, if I can talk him into it.  Ever since he got his last immunizations, he's been very firm about not getting any more "holes in his legs".  He's also not too keen on throat cultures, either, and he makes sure that the doctor knows it as soon as the man walks into the exam room. 

So for Christmas, we got a new microwave.  Our old microwave started turning on when you opened the door, and you can see why this might be an issue in our house with a five year old who likes to be independent and get his own food cooked.  When he is old enough to reach the stove, we are going to have to have a talk.  Our new microwave is a Kenmore Elite. We have always had good luck with Kenmore products, so why not stick with a good thing? Nobody paid me to say that, although if they wanted to do so, I would be happy to accept.  
The big sell for me on this particular microwave, besides the price, was the child-lock.  Now, my husband and I just have to figure out how to use the child-lock.  In particular, we will have to figure out how to unlock the child-lock.  Because we are "those" kinds of parents--the ones who have grand ideas about parenting, but never manage to read all of the instructions.  Really, it's a good day when I remember to wear pants, so forgetting how to unlock something would be par for the course.  

I've started off the year with a bunch of writing memes. Write on Edge, Trifecta, Mamakat, and now the Master Class.  I think that my writing needs a little kick in the butt, a couple of challenges here and there. Plus I love all the comment love I get from my fellow writers!  I don't know how long I can keep it up, but if I'm going to try to push myself a little bit more as a writer, I need to leap off the cliff.

Yes. We have a cave troll.

There are tons of great movies coming out this year.  I'm currently reading the book Beautiful Creatures because there's a movie in February starring Jeremy Irons.  Have you ever just liked a particular aspect of an actor, like their voice?  I love Jeremy Irons' voice.   I also love Sean Connery's voice, and George Clooney's.  If these men would volunteer to call me at bed time and read me a story, it would be heavenly!   One of the reasons I married Larry is because of his voice.  Sometimes, when he is reading to Zane, I'll eavesdrop, just to listen to his voice.  It's deep, smooth, and rich.  Downright dreamy!

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  1. I have that cave troll too! And I totally got the flu, whereas I NEVER get the flu. So it really must be a bad season.

  2. Comments are severely lacking lately, aren't they? Hopefully it's just 'that time of year'. ;)

    I haven't had the flu in a very long time (knock on wood) and the last time I had it, it was after getting the flu shot - so I've not gotten one since...and not gotten the flu since. Here's hoping I just didn't jinx myself! :)

    LOVE the new microwave - I got a good chuckle out of you forgetting how to unlock the child lock - sounds like what my hubby and I run into all the time. ;)

    I'm crushin' on the same sexy voices you're crushin' on...nice choices! ;)

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  3. Love the new microwave. :) I don't get the flu shot, don't get them usually for the kids either. The kids (esp. Youngest) have adverse behavioral reactions, and Youngest's ASD symptoms flair after any immunizations, so he just gets the "basics" and that's it. He did have H1N1, and all his symptoms flared again. So no flu shots for us... it's just not worth it.

  4. Haha! We are "those" kind of parents too.


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