Thursday, January 3, 2013

My Son the Actor

One of Zane's favorite television shows is Finding Bigfoot.   He and I will watch together, commenting on the evidence presented.  I like the show because I can point out different trees or animals or continents, and then Zane and I look up what we saw.  Instant learning experience, plus mother-son bonding time.  It's win-win, as far as I am concerned.   For instance, the last episode of Finding Bigfoot sent the team to Australia to research the Yowie(the Australian counterpart to our Bigfoot), so Zane and I discussed the continent of Oz and where it is located.  We even looked up Australia on a map, and Zane found out that the world is a bigger place than he thought.

During the course of watching, Zane heard one of the researchers mention that they would love to see videos or other evidence that anyone might have of Bigfoot.  Interested parties were to post this evidence to the Finding Bigfoot Facebook page.  Zane immediately decided that he wanted to make a video.  My son wanted to have the team of researchers come to his house to help him find Bigfoot, never mind that Bigfoot would have a horrible time hiding in what passes for woods in this neck of suburbia. Zane was firm.  He wanted a video. 

What is a mother to do?  We want to nourish creativity where ever it pops up, and it wasn't as if we had anything to do that day.  Larry was commandeered to be the camera man, and the two of them bundled up and hit the backyard.  The rest is history!  Enjoy. 


  1. "Welllllllll...I'm going to tell you...." RIGHT THERE!!!!! Oh this made my day!!!!

  2. That's AWESOME!!! Great expression, great voice projection, great use of props - and SOOOOO convincing!! I hope you submit it - I bet the team would get a kick out of hearing from a fan in this way!!!

  3. Absolutely perfect! I loved it!


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