Tuesday, December 4, 2012


As I've mentioned before, Zane loves the show Finding Bigfoot.   He's an avid viewer.  We may have to curtail it, however.  On the show, the members of the group try to get Bigfoot to show up by calling them.  It's a whooping call, a bit of a scream.  Zane decided that it was his wish that Bigfoot show up in his backyard.  So he is out there, every chance he gets, whooping for Bigfoot.  I've tried to reason with him; Bigfoot is probably not a fence vaulter, I explained.  If Bigfoot tried to jump over our fence, he would likely knock the whole thing over, and Maisy would not be able to play in the back yard, I told him.  Zane said that he would help fix the fence, and when I thought about it, the publicity of having Bigfoot in the backyard would probably result in enough cash flow to pay for a broken fence.  So I told Zane that he would be responsible for feeding said Bigfoot, should that creature show up.
The above was either a butterfly or a moth in the act of releasing itself from the cocoon.  I am not sure what sort of butterfly it is.  I am not even sure this critter is alive.  It didn't move while I was clicking away, not even a twitch.  It's just that I never expected to see this emergence from the cocoon without time lapse photography. 

Maisy has outgrown her 'kennel'.  We had been using one of our cat carriers, but her legs seem to have grown two inches, and the rest of her hasn't caught up yet.  Fooey.   We have to have some place to put her at night so she doesn't eat the cats.  I sent Larry to the store to buy a kennel.  So now we have a HUGE kennel.  Zane can fit in there WITH the dog, and I'll bet we could get all of the cats in there, too. That would be errr...interesting.

Yes, I just kept buying the minifigures until I got Santa!

My husband asks me what I want for Christmas each year, and I have a few ideas.  I usually put my wants on my wish list from Amazon, but he never reads that.  So maybe he will read this, likely at some point closer to my birthday in June.  Here are some things that I want: I would like a day at a spa, to get a massage, a pedi and a facial. I would like a housekeeper.  I would like the first season of Justified.  I would like a weekend trip to Fredricksburg or some other place in the Hill Country, just the two of us. I would like for MY computer to be fixed, so I don't have to keep using my husband's computers.  I would like to have my own space for crafting that isn't surreptiously commandeered by Lego sets.  I would like my house cleared of all the clutter. I would like to have a new mattress.  I'll be fine no matter what gifts I get, as long as it appears that the person spending the money should be the one making decisions.   It's the thought, right? 

I read today that people were angry at Bob Costas for tossing out his opinions on gun control after the murder-suicide of that player from the Kansas City Chiefs.  I am not really sure what all the hubbub is about.  Yes, it was prior to a football game, and people were whining that it shouldn't have been brought up because it had nothing to do with football.  Except that most commercials have nothing to do with football, either, and yet they keep showing up.  I am not sure what the fuss is about. 

I am joining the rebels over at Stacy's Uncorked.  Go check her out!



  1. You could have contacted your expert "Lego feeler" friend! I got your back!

  2. I wanted a new purse and coach wallet for Christmas. We got them at a steal at the outlets... and I'm already using them. Oh well, less paper to throw away on the 25th. :)


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