Tuesday, November 6, 2012

So It's Tuesday...

Yes, it is Tuesday.  It's the day to VOTE.  I was able to go and vote last Thursday, which was a huge relief. I prefer not to leave such an important civic duty until the last possible minute.  I would rather not be forced to stand in an impossibly long, long, long line.  Those sorts of lines are only for Peter Jackson films, tickets to a concert, the largest roller coaster in the world, etc.  I hate waiting that much.  My husband was able to vote this time around, without any of the usual grief, thank goodness! 

I was on Facebook yesterday, and happened to look at the ads.  There was a "Lose Your Belly Fat With This One Weird Trick" ad...followed by an ad for Werther's candy.  Do you want me to lose weight, Facebook?  Then stop giving me mixed messages! 

After today, when the polls close, we can kiss all those horrible political ads goodbye. Hooray!  At least, someone can kiss them goodbye.  I'm not kissing any, because I don't know where those ads have been. There's been some pretty scary people buying ad time.  If you told me that the Mafia had a Super-PAC, I wouldn't even blink. I think that we should ban all political ads from the media, and the politicians should do like they used to do, which is get out and actually talk to people.  It worked for Abraham Lincoln, it should work for everyone else.  It's easier to take the measure of a candidate when they are ten feet away as opposed to in a little box in your entertainment center.

My fear of commitment has been on overdrive; as soon as I decided that I would sign up for NaNoWriMo, my brain came up with a kajillion reasons that I should not.  You don't have time, my brain said. You'll never make 50,000 words, it said. You'll put your eye out! it said.  I signed up anyway.  I'm going to at least attempt to do this, give it a good faith effort.  If I succeed, then yay me.  If I don't, then yay me.

Okay, if my church sent out a poster with this guy on it, I don't think I'd be lining up.  He looks rather scary, doesn't he?  I would hold my purse more closely if he showed up, I'm sad to say.  He's probably a very nice man, and he's obviously a church goer.  But his face does not increase my desire to attend this particular church.  I didn't really ever like Korn that much anyway, because my brain kept taking them to task for the glaring spelling error. Now, if Eric Clapton was touring churches, I'd be there, along with half the continent. But,hey, it's Clapton

I am visiting Stacy over at Stacy Uncorked today.  I hope that she has recovered sufficiently from the evil Hurricane Sandy.  Check her out!



  1. I will be glad when election day is over but I hope the right man gets the job. I wouldn't go to a church with that poster up either. I hope that Stacy Uncorked and her family are doing well as well.

  2. I am waiting until the lines die down to go vote. I have the kids home with me as the schools are closed, and am thinking that we should go walk the course (of doom) that Youngest wants us to run on Thanksgiving day. I figure if we can walk it in 38 degree weather, turkey day should be a snap.

    Unless of course, it's snowing.

    So yeah... voting later this morning. Making the kids walk off Halloween candy later in the afternoon. Good times.

  3. I think maybe werther's melt fat cells! Look at you go NaNoMomma...you are ahead of me. You can do it!

  4. I really wanted to write this November but I am so busy. And it's cheating to take something I already wrote and just finish up to reach the word count!


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