Sunday, November 11, 2012

Around the World with a Fork

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trying something new
My husband is a consistent eater.  And by consistent, I mean that he sticks to what he likes.  He likes his meat, he likes his potatoes, and that 's about it.  Even if he is a guest at someone's house, he stays true to his palate.  He won't eat food that he thinks that he won't like.  Often, it is an uphill battle just to get him to try a new food.   This has always struck me as strange.  My parents always made my brother and I try new things at least once before we were allowed to turn up our noses.  Of course, I was an Army brat, always on the go, and in foreign countries food choices can be limited. 

I will never be a world traveler, unfortunately.    You will never find me climbing Mt. Everest, or traversing the South American continent in search of a particular flavor of grub.  I would like to do all that exploring.  I would love to walk from one end of the country to another, talking to people and eating their foods.  That will never happen, I know. I certainly love traveling; I just don't have the money or the time. I can still explore the world, however. I can have a bite of fish cooked just so in Japan, or a sampling of noodles cooked in the Old Country.  Each new food broadens my horizons, and the world isn't quite so small anymore. 

My backside isn't so small anymore, either. Perhaps some diet foods from other countries would be a better idea? 


  1. We went to dinner at a favorite local rest. the other night. They have specials that they try out every once and a while. The special I had was the chicken Oscar, it was grilled chicken, kielbasa, and scallops over jasmine rice with tomato, artichoke and mushrooms in a light lemon garlic sauce.

    I made Tony try it without telling him what it was. He loved it and said, "Why didn't I get that?"

    "Um, because you heard artichoke and tomato and turned off the volume."

    I, like you, try everything before I say no. except reproductive organs of animals. There is a line. :)

  2. First off, I particularly like your title. Mmm-mm. And second, trying new food is really fun! When we were in China we tried a LOT of new food. I wasn't so keen on the cow's stomach though. I thought it was cabbage (yeah, go figure) in my soup and then...well, it wasn't cabbage. ;)

  3. Hahaha! At least try the bakeries downunder before the diet thing starts!!!!


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