Thursday, October 4, 2012

Overwhelmed Irritations

Marvelous Mamakat's Prompt:

2.) Share a moment when you felt overwhelmed.
5.) Tell us about the last thing that irritated  you.

Monday morning, I woke up at 6 am, the same way that I always do, fighting every inch of the way out of the bed. Then I realized that it was Monday, remembered our scheduled events, and I stumble downstairs to start the day.

And I then:
Let out Zena, Inside Cat #2.
Filled coffee maker with water.
Fed and watered outside cats, Smokey and Lalo.
While outside, located 5 tasty blades of grass for Pounce, Inside Cat #2, who is too persnickety(meaning: insane) to go outside herself.
Held blades of grass so cat could eat them.
Located Zane's lunch box and filled it with lunch and two snacks.
Found and folded Zane's blanket and mat cover and put in school backpack.
Put school backpack by the door.
Located Zane's soccer shoes, shinguards, extra pair of shorts and place in soccer backpack.
Locate the "correct" soccer ball and place in soccer backpack.
Put soccer backpack next to door.
Filled a small cooler with Gatorade, water, and ice for soccer practice.
Put soccer cooler by door.
Cleaned out litterbox, put bag in trash.
Gathered all trash, carried outside.
Rolled can to curb for pickup.
Brought in newspaper.
New trashbag in can.
Drank a cup of coffee.
Scarfed down breakfast.
Dressed Zane in shirt and shorts while he was still sleeping.
Gathered my purse, jewelry, glasses, etc.
Turn all upstairs lights out, opened the curtains so Pounce doesn't eat/shred them
Gathered up Zane's two backpacks, my briefcase, my extra bag, my purse, the cooler, and Zane.
Herded Zane to the car, carrying everything.
Load the car with all the stuff.
Locate Zane in the neighbor's yard.
Herd Zane back to the car and into his seat.
Turned the car on, moved the seat back for Larry and put the steering wheel up where he likes it.

It is 7:25 am, and we are, of course, running late.  Larry gets in the car, looks at the gas gauge, and makes a sarcastic comment.

"You couldn't manage to put gas in the car yesterday when you were at the store?" 

And that was when I became irritated. 


  1. I am here from Mama Kat. I am always the reason why the van is out of gas. I just don't like having to drag four kiddos into the gas station, and I don't trust the pay at the pump.

    1. Four kids is a lot to keep track of at the gas station!

  2. Mornings around here are pretty crazy too and I am NOT a morning person. I would have snapped BIG time over that comment!

  3. I had to laugh at that! My hubby just implied last night that I haven't been doing anything since I've been on maternity leave and that I should have gotten a bunch of other stuff done. Please keep in mind, I did have a c-section for my son's health reasons and that he ended up in the hospital for the first week of his life... Yeah, cleaning the office so he could cram more of his stuff in there was real high priority at that point.

    1. I think you could punch him for that. No jury would convict you!

  4. I am laughing out loud! Oh my - that is pitch perfect. My husband watched me clean up the whole kitchen last night, loading the dishwasher and hand washing dishes. Dishes that have been piling up on the counter for two days. Dishes I did not even eat from because I made dinner for the family but didn't partake because of other commitments. So this morning? He decides he wants to put his breakfast bowl in the dishwasher, which is now full of clean dishes, that he watched me load last night, and says,

    "You haven't emptied this?"

  5. Why do they do that? I'll never figure it out. Great post!

  6. OMG I HATE when they do that. They just don't realize how difficult our jobs can be at home. That can be very irritating. Her from Mama Kats.

  7. ooh! I don't blame you! That would irritate me too!

  8. okay -- that last line made me laugh. Ugh. Too funny. It is amazing how much of the early part of my day is tending to animals. I'll get up at 5 to have some me, quiet time and then I spend thirty minutes feeding the cats and feeding and walking the dog. Hope your day got better.

    1. It did, otherwise I would have just gone back to bed!

  9. Holy cow. I became overwhelmed just reading that! I'm shaking my head! That's just crazy! I can see how being overwhelmed and irritated go hand in hand.


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