Sunday, October 21, 2012

I'm In A Hurry

optional prompt: it's going to be a big, big day!

My son is at that magical age, where he suddenly starts to "get" things.  He now has more of an awareness of time, although his awareness involves "Before Christmas" and "After Christmas".   But everyday is a big, big day when you are five. 

He will wake up today, groggy, and he will remember that he has an early birthday party to go to.  The party will be in a park, with lots of playground to run amok on, to jump and laugh and just be alive.  

Then he will meet his grandparents at the restaurant of his choice, because every time a member of my family has a birthday, they get to choose where we go for Sunday dinner.  Zane chose a steakhouse as the place he wanted to eat, and since this will be one of the few times that I get to eat steak, I'm kind of happy about that as well.  

After lunch we will be heading to the nearest store that sells Skylanders, because there's a new version of the game coming out.  Zane saved up all of the gift cards and cash from his recent birthday, so he can buy this game.  He and his father have been talking about it for weeks.  

Once the family gets back home, it will likely be time for some video game playing and some snacking before bath, jammies, and storytime.  And as I kiss my son good night, I will whisper "Sweet dreams". 



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  1. Ah! Your son sounds like the most adorable child! I remember myself at that age. Indeed, time never was an issue for me. Even a week seemed like eternity! But of course, things like presents were worth counting the nights :)
    I gather your son had his birthday recently? Congratulations! Or in my language (which is Dutch, by the way): Gefeliciteerd!

    1. Thank you. Yes, he turned five on Friday, and he is calling himself a 'big' boy now!

  2. Loved your stream! So sweet. My nephew (he's 2 now) thinks everything is amazing and BIG. Even the next fork full of pasta is a HUGE thing to be admired. It's nice to be reminded (especially by the little kids) how important the litte things are.

  3. Skylander giants are also on Youngest's Christmas list this year. So it seems, that that give may have some longevity for you. :)

  4. My family also has a form of birthday-dinner-of-your-choice. I love little kids! They're so awesome, but the littlest one we have running around at my house just turned eleven today, and I'm the next one higher. Your son sounds so sweet and amazing! I loved your stream!

  5. This reminds me so much of my little brother! Zane sounds like a sweetheart:) I love his name! It's funny how much "bigger" days seemed when we where little. Like as you grow up and the tree in your front yard seems to be shrinking instead of you being the one who is growing and changing...kinda like that. :)


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