Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Random Is As Random Does

My husband got the blu-ray, remastered version of all the Indiana Jones movies. That Harrison Ford sure was a handsome fellow, back in the day!  I think I like how he looked as Indiana more than his Han Solo look.  Han Solo was always too pretty, I thought.  For the career he had, he should have had a couple of scars and a broken nose.  Indiana Jones looks like he lives in his skin.  "It's not the years, it's the mileage", Jones says.  How true.  When I hear that line, I always think of that old saying about someone being "rode hard and put away wet."  I don't know why--that's just how I do.

 The above picture, of a thistle, reminds me of Horton Hears a Who.  It's just the shape, I guess--it is very similar to Suess' rendition.  Plus it's sort of round, and it's a nice, pleasant color. 

My parents picked up my son from school yesterday and my dad took him to soccer practice.  We were staying in New Braunfels until late because Larry's school had Open House.  I get a text from my dad close to 7pm, which let me know how the evening was going:  "He is just being impossible!"  I couldn't help it--I laughed.  My father was a Colonel in the Army for 28 years, and he is used to just giving orders.  That's how it is in the military--an officer gives you an order, and you do what they tell you.  My dad still has that mindset, only he doesn't seem to remember that 4 year olds don't follow orders very well.  He especially doesn't remember that his daughter never followed orders very well, either!

Larry was bemoaning the fact that he has to work today.  Today is when the latest incarnation of FIFA, the X-Box soccer game, comes out.   According to my nephew, lots of his friends would not be going to school today so they could stay home and play the game.  Larry used to do that at one time, but he can't, now that he is an adult who has to make a paycheck to support his rampant quest to own everything Iron Maiden related.  I can't think of any video game that I would be compelled to stay home from work to play, which goes to show you how often I play video games.  They don't keep my attention. The only equivalent to that would be if a really super awesome book came out.  If a really superb book came out, I might stay home and read it.  I am not referring to any of the Twilight  series.  
I can't decide whether I have a cold virus rampaging through my system or if it some sort of allergies.  I don't have a fever, so it's probably just allergies.  I've just been very snotty lately, with a sore throat.  And I'm froggy in the mornings--I can't even sing in my car.  When I try for the high notes, they crack like eggs on a hot sidewalk.  Freddy Mercury had a four octave range, as does Cindy Lauper, but I'm lucky these days if I have an 8 note range in my voice.  Which sucks, because I really like to sing in my car.  It's my stress relief--you don't have to worry about someone walking in on you while you're in the middle of an off-key version of Amazing Grace when you are in a car.

I am over at Stacy's place today--go check her out!



  1. Impossible? I love it! Thanks for the reminder to go pick up the boy's FIFA that he preordered! BTW, if you preorder Lego Lord of the Rings at GameStop, you get a Lego dude with it...and the game sounds great according to the conversation I heard the boy having with the lord of the games dude!

  2. Every girl in my year at school was a Luke Skywalker fan - except me! I was a Han Solo girl, and I think I've seen everything he's ever done since then!! So you can probably use that to work out my age ... if you cared enough!!! But I bet doing that would still be more riveting than the Twilight series!!

  3. Oooooh! Now I want to get the Blu-Ray version of Indiana Jones. And yeah, I think about the same phrase you do when I hear the phrase "It's not the years, it's the mileage". Two great minds! ;)

    That thistle definitely does look like a Dr. Suess thing!

    Ahahahaha! Sorry, I'm not laughing at you, I'm laughing about the fact that we both have 4 year olds who don't seem to listen or do what they're told. I'm so glad I'm not alone. :)

    Once upon a time when I was a working girl (no, not THAT kind) I would sometimes take a 'mental health day' (call in sick) if I were reading a book that I couldn't put down (and no, not Twilight). Never have I missed work because of a video game. ;)


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