Sunday, September 9, 2012

Change in Weather?

today's optional prompt: a little change of weather

Texas is a land of extreme weather.  In this part of the world, we have hot, followed by melty hot and burst into flames hot.  It is hot here, meaning in the 90s or above, about 8 months out of the year.  Sunny, blue sky weather.  Yep.  

No rain.  No rain means that grass dies and the wind whips up dust clouds.  The dust, while not nearly as horrible as the Dust Bowl of  the early twentieth century, gets into everything. It's a dust mixed with pollens and other random items like bug parts, that swirls through the area.  Then, when the farmers in Mexico burn off their fields(and I can see no good reason to burn a field, when plowing it is just as effective), the smoke heads up here and we get that into the mix as well.  No wonder I have developed asthma since I moved here!

I would love a nice steady rain shower.  No thunder, no lightning, and especially no tornadoes.  Just a week or two of daily, two hour rain showers starting at around 1pm and ending before the rush hour traffic.  That would get rid of most of the dust that has permeated every nook and cranny of the outdoors, so I'd be able to breathe.  It would also refill all of the lakes and rivers and alleviate the pressure on the aquifer that we use for our water source.   

And it would sure cool us all off!

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  1. Wow! Reading all of those about all those nice places and imagining and knowing how great America is, this definitely the other side of it. I think I wouldn´t last a day... But here in my country it rains about 8 months and is only dry with the sun barely shining for the remaining 4. So a nice shower of rain; yes, I love that as well. Especially after a very very - by Dutch standards - hot day. Thunder, lightning? No thank you. Tornadoes? Never seen them in real in my LIFE.
    So Texas wouldn't be that great for me, considering that I just can't stand the heat. Why did you stay, despite the dust and heat? With your asthma I mean... I hope you survive! ;)

    1. It all depends on which part of Texas you live in, really. It is a big enough state that there are lots of different weather patterns. And when we aren't in a drought, this area is lovely.

  2. Oh yuck, that must be awful. We don't have the dust, thankfully, but we have plenty of heat. I lived in Texas when I was younger, but I really don't remember much of it, though I can imagine. In Alaska we got a lot of smoke in the air from all the wild fires, though. Lets hope you get that rain!

  3. We needed rain so badly this summer! We just finally got a good amount last week. I love heat though. Never been much for winter. Ever. Maybe someday I'll join you in dusty, hot Texas, eh? :D

  4. And here I complain about the rain!! It (feels, at least) like it rains about 8 months of our year, so I've been lapping up this uncanny spring sunshine. And I've read books about the Dust Bowl in the early 1900s. Wow. It's mindblowing considering storms of dust.

    thanks for linkingup with us! :)

  5. The weather is Virginia has been terrible this year, mainly because of the humidity. When I walk outside of my heavily air conditioned house, the humidity hits me like a brick wall.

    I'm so glad that it's finally cooling off.


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