Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Really Randoms

Every now and then, I get annoyed that women can't grow beards.  Because it would be pretty cool if I could have a beard, at least on days when I have a zit on my chin.  I could braid my beard hair, once it got long enough.  Maybe add a few flowers or hair gems for a bit of flair.  I think that I would like a beard because it would give me another way to fidget.  I could stroke my chin thoughtfully, or pull on my beard in staff meetings to keep myself from falling asleep.  I am sure that my husband is reading this right now and he's going to immediately bring up Tolkien and dwarves, right before he vetoes this.  At least, he will do all that once he is able to stop laughing.  Women with beards would look ridiculous.  And if I am honest, shaving is not something that I am skilled at, so that would mean trips to the emergency room and stitches.  Okay, the beard idea is silly, and probably the product of exhaustion.  
This person had nary a Mary Kay sticker on their vehicle!

I've discovered that my son is a serial sneezer.  Most people only sneeze a couple of times.  Serial sneezers sneeze anywhere from three to ten times in a row.  I try to wait until the final sneeze, but sometimes I just have to toss a "Gesundheit!" at the person as I run off.  I don't have all day!  And yes, I say "Gesundheit" instead of "God Bless You" because I like to be specific when I pray, and "Gesundheit" means "good health". 

Zane likes his teacher so far.  Good.  It would be bad if he didn't, because I have no idea what we would do.  As much as I want every single person on earth to love my child as much as I do, he is going to meet people who don't like him.  That is reality.  There are also going to be people that he doesn't like much either.  And this is an important life lesson for my child to learn:  we aren't always going to like the people around us, but we still have to make nice and get along with each other.  Now, if only Congress could figure that out.

Isn't summer wonderful? I guess the shortness makes it seem more special!
Speaking of Congress, wouldn't it be great if they all just brawled one day like they do in the legislatures in other countries?  Just whale on each other until they've exhausted themselves, then shake hands, take a nap, and be friends.  That's the way little kids iron out their differences, and this current Congress is acting like toddlers.  Plus, the sales from the pay-per-view would completely erase the national debt!

I am hooking up with Stacy over at Stacy's Uncorked because she is awesome, not because she gets me drunk or anything spurious like that.  She is just a wonderful blogger!   Go check her out!



  1. absolutely LOVE the last photo!!!

    Newsflash my friend.......I CAN grow a beard and if I were you that is something I would be careful wishing for lol!!!!

  2. I'd totally pay to watch congressmen fight. To the death! (Or not. Just kidding!)

  3. I just wish congress would do something useful, anything useful, but I seem to be doomed to disappointment.

  4. haha you make some really good points--and hey, i am a serial sneezer too--i hate it!

  5. Yes, we would look so much more pensive with a beard to stroke! Love that summer goggled boy!

  6. That would make an awesome reality show...Real Congressman of D.C. Great lesson for Zane...playing nice even when you might not always like someone (very important). I'd twirl my beard and it would become like dreadlocks! I think it would be fun but not a great look? NO ONE should have that shade of car... not even MK reps! Last photo is the bomb!


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