Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Random-sized Random

Here it is, a Tuesday!  No wonder I've been feeling random. 

Actually, random is my normal thought pattern.  If a person could read my mind, they would be extremely confused by my sudden free flight of subjects, because in my head one thing leads to something else that happened twenty years ago when So and So had that black yappy-yap dog after they moved from Sweden.  Confused?  How do you think that I feel?  Add in all the stuff that I am supposed to remember, not just for me, but for my husband and child, and it's complete pandelirium in my cranium.  Not for the faint-hearted, or the unmedicated ADHD.

I have to go back to work on Monday.  I am not feeling that excitement that everyone feels following a vacation from work.  Maybe a pedicure would help?  Should I get a fancy pedicure to start back to work?  Pedicures make me think of vacation, which is the opposite of work, so maybe not. 

The REAL reason dinosaurs became extinct--waiting in line to go to the bathroom!

There were some interesting signs to read while we were traveling.  My favorite was the one outside the gun range at the Bass Pro Shops. That sign insisted that NO ONE would be allowed to shoot any guns at the range if they had been drinking.  I was intrigued by the possible mishap that led to the creation of that sign.  Hopefully, if anything was hit during the drunken target practice, it was not flesh! 

We were at a wildlife reserve, one that you drive through, and we stopped at their restaurant/gift shop/petting zoo/gardens. This sign was in the ladies' room:
All I could picture when I saw this sign were older women, dressed in their Sunday finery, with their feet in the sink.  It made me cackle a bit, and scared the lady at the sink next to mine.  I guess that I need to work on a better cackle. 

No matter where my cats flop down, their tails swish back and forth.  And no matter where they are parked, those tails swishing back and forth, to and fro, knocks some object to the floor.  Even if I grab my cat's tail, she will still try to swish her tail, until she swishes it right out of my hand.  I've decided that it's the same sort of fidgeting that I do while I'm sitting in church, or waiting for the doctor.  If Pounce or Zena were cats in Africa, I suppose the swishy tails would be to get rid of flies, but here it just seems as though my cats' butts have minds of their own.  My butt has a mind of its own, and it is on spreading as wide as the chair can stand.  That is so sad, isn't it? 

Is it bad that I'm feverishly wishing for Tropical Storm Ernesto to make a right turn and head up the Gulf Coast, just so we can get some rain?  We had a good pattern of rainfall in June, but hundred degree temps tend to dry up moisture in a hurry.  No wonder we have all these critters hitting our yard--they are searching for water.  Poor things. 

I'm hooking up with Stacy Uncorked as well as the fine ladies over at Talk To Us Tuesday, Shawn and Impulsive. Check them out--you'll love them! 


Seriously Shawn

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  1. Ugh! We had a severe thunderstorm promise ripped right out from under us over the weekend-barely any rain even! Love the dino, and I hope you found someplace appropriate to wash those feet of yours!


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