Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hurricane Random

I've been thoroughly disgusted by the whole Lance Armstrong affair.  Supposedly all these people saw him doping.  Tons of them, apparently. According to some agency that I have never heard of before this year, Lance was whipping out needles and doping all the time. 

All. The. Time.  Yet...

The man never failed a drug test during his entire career.   Armstrong is probably the most drug-tested athlete in the history of sports.  Even when he wasn't competing, random people would show up at his door for blood.  He never failed a drug test.  If he cheated, how did he do it?  Explain it to me.   This anti-doping agency only claims to have witnesses, not actual physical evidence.  Also, if I understand right, this particular anti-doping agency was one of the groups who tested Lance's blood over the years.  He passed them all, yet now they're saying that he cheated.  Why?  What is the payoff here, and for who?   Is it that important to knock down the heroes(the cancer survivor, not the cycling) that we have?  It just seems to me that whenever we find someone to look up to, a person to admire, there's somebody out there who has to tear that person down.  That makes me sad, so I'm going to look at a picture to cheer myself back up.

Ah...that's better.


We were watching Green Lantern the other night, and Parallax was devouring the people in Hal Jordan's city. 

"Worst. Day. Ever. For them," my son said.  

It wasn't what he said that cracked me up, it was that he even had the correct inflection and tone of voice! Now we are wondering where exactly he heard that phrase...


I would like to make a little extra money.  Just to have some 'folding money' for the occasional movie or the latest best seller.  I'm not greedy.  I am not sure how to do that without going and getting another job. I don't know that I want to do the "selling" thing--while I might be enthusiastic about a product, I am horrible being in front of people.  Besides, I promised to never use my super powers for nefarious purposes.


I also want to take a trip to the beach.  I just want to sit in a chair and listen to the ocean for awhile.  Not a long trip--just an overnight visit.  It's the perfect time--most people are back home, because school is starting.  Corpus Christi, and North Padre Island, are less than three hours away.  Why not go?  But this coming weekend there's a soccer tournament that my husband has to be here for.  Next weekend, there's some soccer-related workshop.  After that, the soccer season starts up. Bah.  It's just as well.  On some off chance that I could schedule time to hit the beach, I'd probably get sick.


Let's see, I've discussed drugs, cash, movies, and the ocean.  Random enough?  I am visiting Stacy over at Stacy's Uncorked today.  Go check her out!


Also, go check out these lovely ladies, Shawn and Impulsive Addict, over at Talk To Us Tuesday.



  1. Yes way random enough! I agree about Lance. The fact thy can strip I'm of all titles without proceedings is crazy. Saw you at Stacy's

    1. I just wish they would leave him alone. He is retired, for cryin' out loud!

  2. all it takes is one person to lie about another's character and the witch hunt and burnings start. it's envy, jealousy, greed, selfishness. it just flat sad.

  3. I'd love to get to a beach--but it at least a two day drive to any real beach from where I live--I'll have to make do with the mountains.

  4. I had that same thought process about Lance - all these years he's been tested, tested, tested - and passed...so it's like wait...what? I think I'll gaze at that pool with you... ;)

    You know, if your hubby is going to be tied up with soccer, you should totally do a girls weekend at the beach. ;)

    I like the term 'folding money' - I usually call it my 'stash'. ;) I used to sell stuff on eBay for extra spending money, but it's changed so much it's almost not worth it for all the work entailed to get stuff ready, pictures taken and ads written. But I'm thinking now is as good a time as any to dive back in, to get rid of unnecessary stuff and have some extra moolah for the holidays. :)

    Principal's Office, Foxy Meltdown in the Dentist Chair, Crustache Sandwich Disguise and a Hunger Games Lunch - RTT Rebel

  5. Lance...sigh...glad it's not just me?

  6. Seriously, just let the man retire in peace. Move on...

    Now... let's discuss politics...


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