Sunday, August 19, 2012


Today's SOC Prompt:  How do you celebrate?

I'm not known for my exuberance in the face of celebrations.  I am more of a sneaky celebrator.  Oh, I will hug people, and smile a really goofy smile, one that seems too big for my face when I see pictures later.  But I tend away from screaming, jumping up and down, and getting hysterically happy. 

It's not that I'm not excited and happy.  It's that I'm an introvert, and our celebrations tend to be more of a quiet affair.  Inside my head, I'm jumping up and down or doing cartwheels, which I can ONLY do in my head.  Inside my head, there's confetti and champagne and dancing on the tops of furniture, maybe with a handsome fella like my husband.  On the outside, however, I just smile very big and laugh a lot more than expected, and the laughter may sound a bit forced. I'm often overwhelmed by my happiness or my excitement. 

When I was pregnant with my son, I had to hold my happiness inside for five months. We were worried about the outcome, and so my husband and I didn't tell anyone.  Each day I was happy and excited that my boy was growing and that everything was going wonderfully, and I couldn't do anything but smile.  Maybe that is why my son is such a happy child--all of the joy that I kept inside for so long seeped into him. 

I celebrate him every day, at least on the inside.

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  1. Haha! Greetings from Oz! :D (I couldn't resist...) I loooved your stream. I'm quite the introvert myself, so I like celebrating the best with just my family (and chocolate). And not goannas. But sometimes you don't get much say. "Sneaky celebrator"...I like that! :)

  2. Oh wow -- I can't imagine having to hold my happiness about my pregnancy inside me for so long! But like you, I'm the confetti and cartwheels in my head type of person. I really should learn how to let it all out some time...perhaps I'm worried that the world couldn't possibly contain the exuberance of introverts like us!


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