Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Maven I Am Not

Mamakat's Wonderful Prompt:  What’s your Summer Fashion? Share a favorite outfit you’re loving this Summer.

I live in Texas.  Actually, I live in South-ish, Central-ish Texas, which is not the same as living in the North-ish of Texas or the West-ish.  We won't discuss the East-ish portion.  My point here is that I live in a part of the world where it is hot 365 days of the year.  In this part of the world, a day with a temperature less than 80 is considered a hard freeze.  People who live here either get used to the heat, or they go back to where ever they lived previously and complain about how hot it is in Texas. 

The heat does cause some consternation for non-fashionistas like me.  (I used to care about fashion, but that was when I was younger, drank a lot, and believed that Cosmo knew what they were talking about.)  At home I spend hours in shorts and a t-shirt and don't even fix my hair or put on makeup.  Work presents a different problem. When I leave the house, I am required, by some arcane female laws that I don't fully understand, to look 'presentable'. 

It might be hotter than the surface of the sun outside, but inside the building where I work it is meat locker cold.  If I am dressed too summery, I end up turning a shade of blue that is sooo not my color.  I have to balance sweaty outside with ice cold inside, without resorting to a parka. Because that would be too weird. 

What is a woman clueless about fashion supposed to do? 

She resorts to a maxi dress!  Maxi dresses are very comfy.  It's like you're wearing jammies, except that you don't look like you're wearing your jammies.  Maxi dresses cover the legs so your cankles don't freeze.  They also cover up the fact that occasionally one might forget to shave their legs, or cover up their ankle tattoo that violates dress code. 

Add a summer weight sweater and I look downright decent.  Certainly I meet the dress code.  If I want to get more dressy, I add a belt and bracelets, earrings, etc.  But who wants to get dressy during the summer when it's so melty outside?  On the East and West coasts, maxi dresses are already last year's fashion, and that's okay.  What I care about is that I am comfortable in a way that doesn't scare small children.  This summer, and probably most of the fall,  maxi dresses rule.  For me, anyway!

***I couldn't take a decent picture of myself in the dress.  Sorry. 


  1. That is so true. We were summer stuff and then go into restaurants and the like and it's freezing. Though I'm not having as much problem freezing anymore thanks to my midlife hormones heating me up. And way back when I had to go to an office and look professional every day we wore panty hose. I honestly don't think I'll every pull on a pair again. Even for a child's wedding.

    1. The last time someone tried to demand we wear pantyhose, there was such an uproar that I thought we'd have a riot.

  2. I would wear a sweater in the middle of summer...okay every day for that matter, as I am always cold! (I get it!) I too love maxi dresses, and all of their hidden greatness! Thank you for making me feel like i am some what "normal!"

    Stopping by via Mama Kats, have a great day!

  3. I have to help my daughter move back to college in Georgetown next week and I have been dreading TX heat and humidity for two weeks already!
    I bet you absolutely do look downright decent in that dress! Cute.

    1. Georgetown is practically next door! The humidity has been down lately, so that should help a bit.

  4. I can't wear a Maxi, I have such short legs that I can't pull it off. I look a little like I am in a night gown.

  5. Yay for Maxi dresses! I can't wait to pair mine with a denim jacket this fall. I need to get my hands on a few more now :)


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