Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Random City

When I doze off, my chin hits my chest and I get whiplash from startling myself.  When cats doze off, how do they keep holding their heads up?   I have never seen a cat do this.  I've seen kittens doze off, their little faces hitting the carpet in that cute, adorable way that baby animals have.  But not adult cats. How is this possible?  I think this warrants some sort of scientific investigation.

It's been raining here over the past week.  Our house has had about five inches of rain.  I am very happy about that, but my husband has been grumbling. I pointed out that he doesn't have any soccer related events happening right now.  I pointed out that we are in a drought and we need the rain.  Larry doesn't care about that.  Larry doesn't want to have to mow the lawn.  I can understand that.
Now we are not only hitting Dinosaur Valley State Park, but we will likely be heading to Grapevine to visit the Lego place.  Also, Larry wants to go to see David Beckham play.  Okay, Larry didn't specifically mention David Beckham.  He mentioned Landon Donovan.  But I know who he really meant.

I attempted to make chocolate cobbler the other day.  I found the recipe on Pinterest, and I thought, "Hey! I could do that!"  And I could, except that the last time I bought flour was at least two presidents ago, so it didn't really taste all that great.  Who knew that flour expired?  I certainly didn't! I'm going to try it again, once I get to the store for flour of a more recent vintage. 

Now that I think about it, I should probably go through the spice cabinet and toss out stuff that is older than my marriage.   Maybe my lack of attention is why I'm not the greatest cook?   Maybe my lack of attention is why I've set my kitchen on fire so many times?  Nah.  That can't be it.  It must be something else, completely unrelated to my attention span.  There's math in recipes, and we all know that math is evil.  So math is to blame for my kitchen disasters. 

Really, what all this shows is that I need more women in my life.  Women to share things with, women to hang out with, women to meet for coffee and gossip.  I don't really have any of those kinds of friends.  My closest friends, Evil Laura, Cathy Cheer, and Magic Michelle, live nowhere near me, and that isn't going to change anytime soon.  I miss them so much.

I am hooking up with Stacy Uncorked, and the wonderful women Shawn and Impulsive over at Talk To Us Tuesday.  Go check them out and maybe they'll offer you a glass, or maybe just the whole barrel of wine.  You will love it


Seriously Shawn


  1. I need more women, too. My closest friend lives very close by but she recently started to nanny a little girl. So my once beach, shopping and random days spent hanging out at my place with the kids pal has not been able to do any of those things. And no one else is brave enough to hang out with my and my (almost) 4 kids. Sad.

  2. It is so hard to find friends like that who are brave enough to hang out with the woman who has children! Maybe we should start a mommy service like eharmony, where we pair moms who want to hang out with other moms?

  3. I have the same problem you do with my women friends living so far away. Changing that next year when we (finally) move back to Washington State. ;) I love TMW Hickman's suggestion on how to rectify that situation! :) I'm sorry, but chocolate cobbler doesn't sound good to me - fresh flour or not. The hubby, on the other hand, is a chocoholic, so it might sound appealing to him. ;)

    I'll happily take some of that rain off your hands if it will cool down the intense heat we've been experiencing. :) While the grass isn't growing as fast as it normally does, the weeds have been flourishing - go figure.

    Oh to be able to nap like a cat! :)

    You're going to two places Princess Nagger would LOVE to go to - Dinosaur Valley Park is right up her ally, and she's been jonesin' to go to the Lego place. :)

    Steamy Weather, Nomination Honor, Wonky Thermostat and Asshat Parking

    1. I have a lot of respect for weeds and their ability to survive no matter what!

  4. Oh, I wish you had good friends living closer to you so you could just hang. Nothing like it.

    If I fall asleep on my back, head propped up, the same head bob wakes me (sometimes even a snort!)

    We need rain; looks like it wants to but never does; and I love how you blame math. Most people blame it for something.

    Your vacation sounds like it's shaped up to be awesome! Enjoy watching that hottie, I mean the soccer game!

  5. Now I want a pizza...thanks!

    I think I too have spices older than my marriage, I should work on that as well.

    Thanks for linking up with us!


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