Tuesday, June 26, 2012

In The Halls of Random

For my birthday I had myself measured for a bra.  It is always best to see if you've grown or shrank or whatever.  For many years, I felt that I was a C cup size.  Somewhere along the way I graduated to a D cup...except when it's a molded cup.  Then I'm either a B or a C, but not a D, and certainly not a DD.  Don't get me started about the demis, the balconettes, the plunges.  How does that even work?  Is there some arcane aspect of physics involved in breast size?  Could this science be why men are so interested in mammaries? All this has made me realize that finding a correctly fitting bra requires some sort of college degree.  A doctorate.  A dissertation on why there are no CC bras would be a good start.

We have a little pool in the back yard, for Zane to splash around.  Except that we can't let it sit in one spot for too long, since it will kill the grass.  Also, standing water attracts mosquitoes, who lay their eggs in it.  Then there are the various accidental drownings which occur due to insects not realizing that the water is deep; bugs don't get swimming lessons, or learn to just float on their backs.  I tried to let some of the water out of the pool, and that was when I found out exactly how many cockroaches are in my backyard. Have I mentioned my morbid fear of cockroaches?  Here I am, barefoot, while these prehistoric monsters crawl toward me.  I did the only thing that I could, of course.  I leapt straight into the air and landed on the patio, a good two feet of distance.  Fear is a good motivator on occasion. 

I am supposed to have a Girls' Night Out to see the movie Magic Mike.  Not that I am all that into the whole stripper thing.  When I worked as a bartender at a club, they would have strippers come in on Fridays for the ladies.  Those guys were prissier than me, especially about their hair.   That sort of prissiness does not inspire lustful feelings, but it is interesting to observe the crowd behaviors.  I am joining my friends at this movie to show solidarity.   I am hopeful that there is a storyline to follow. 

I just finished World War Z.  It was interesting, if a bit disjointed.  That disjointedness may have come from my end.  Every time I started actually focusing on the book I was interrupted by a boy, or his dad.  That sort of thing is happening more and more often, so my reading time is becoming limited. I am hopeful that once Zane learns to read, we can have regularly scheduled reading time for both of us. 

My niece is about to embark on the gargantuan task of reading Stephen King.  It is certainly not for the faint of heart.  I started her off with Night Shift, small bites.  Although King's short stories scared me more than most of his novels.  I gave my niece The Shining also, so she can check into the Overlook hotel.  Then I tell her that the Overlook is a real place called the Stanley, and see if she wants to go there. Ghostbusters has nothing on my family!

So I am heading over to Stacy's place to drink her wine--looking forward to the sangria!


And I am also going to be visiting the lovelies over at Talk to Us Tuesdays


  1. I am surprised how many women are blogging about seeing Magic Mike. Solidarity is right!

  2. There's a storyline??!!?? Hot men should just stand there and look sexy and not speak.

  3. I have been dreaming about Magic Mike. Not kidding. {grin}

  4. I think Magic Mike just might drag me into a movie theater. I haven't been since Ice Age 2. Yeah, we don't get to the theater that much.

  5. That picture CREEPED ME OUT.

    Ok, let's chat about Magic Mike. Who cares if there is a storyline. Have you seen the hotness that will be shaking their junk at us? Does anyone get any hotter than Channing? Or Matthew? No. Panties will be wet all over America this weekend.

    Was that TMI? Too offensive? Sometimes I forget to turn my filter on. Thanks for linking up with us! =)

  6. I just hopped over from Stacy's Random Rebel...

    God gave me what my mom thinks were "G" cups...I squeezed into "DDD"s until my breast reduction at age 18. I went down to a "C". 14 years and 2 kids later...they're back up to "D". So I can totally relate on the bra shopping!!!

  7. OK, but did you treat yourself to a bra, or just find out what size?!

  8. The mystery of my real boob size still looms. Some days my girls are perky and sit up high where they belong and others they resemble a water balloon being filled from the faucet. If I could only afford to have them put back in place and firm once and for all I do believe I would be able to help achieve world peace!

    I can't see the picture but if it has roaches in it I'm glad! Those things freak me out and I love in Florida so you can imagine I'm freaked more than not!

    I am so looking forward to my GNO Saturday night to see Magic Mike and I could really care less if there's no story line. Does that make a shallow, wee bit horny, house wife? Well if the shoe fits...

    I have never read Stephen King, I'm a big chicken!

    Thanks for linking up with us!


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