Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

My son was on the soccer field, eye on the ball, in a race to gain control of the game.  He was able to kick the ball ahead of his opponent, and he ran ahead of the melee on the field.  When he was near the goal, he kicked...and he scored!   I clapped and cheered, one of a multitude of mothers and fathers. Zane's father was cheering from the coach's bench, but my son's eyes searched for me. 

Zane looked right at me, smiled...then he raised his hand to give me a thumbs up.  Everyone on the sidelines laughed, but I raised my hand to salute my boy with a thumbs up of my own. We had a little mother-son moment.

It was perfect.

Soccer has mostly been about my son and his father. They watch it on television, they practice in the back yard, they discuss strategy(well, Larry discusses...Zane points out bugs or birds outside). Sometimes I've wondered if they even knew that I was there!  So it was wonderful to find that my son does know that I am there.  That touched my heart, right in the soft spot. 

So happy Mother's day to all the unsung heroes out there, who do little things, like show up at soccer games or buy the special Spiderman band-aids or give extra special hugs.  Your children DO notice!


  1. I always love the little wave done in complete secret (now that they are 10 and 11) from the front of the class or at a function.

    Good job mamma, Thumbs up. :)

    Have a happy day!

  2. so beautiful!!! They DO notice!!! HAPPY MOTHER'A DAY MAMA!!!!

  3. A goal! Not every momma gets one of those for Mother's Day...I knew you were special! GO ZANE!

  4. Aw! That's so sweet! I love the sporadic, little moments like that.


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