Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Under the Rainbow

Understandably, everyone talks about everything being over the rainbow.  But what about what is under the rainbow?   Most of the world never gets to fly over a rainbow, like the birds, planes, or the occasional alien mothership.   It's also cold up there in the upper atmosphere.  It's cold and there's very little actual oxygen to breathe. Then there is that whole 'fear of falling' thing.  Still, many people find themselves staring wistfully at the sky, wishing that we could fly over that rainbow. We are 'stuck' on the ground underneath the rainbow.

What is wrong with being underneath?  We were made to look at the world with wonder, no matter the perspective!

When we are under the rainbow, we can stay firmly rooted on the ground, so we don't lose sight of what is real.  Dreaming also comes more easily when we are still, as any toddler can demonstrate.  We can feel the flow of the earth beneath while we stare up at the blue sky, the clouds floating  lazily around the rainbow above.   Under the rainbow, the colors will be more vivid than they are over the rainbow, where the air is thinner.  My imagination can safely chase my thoughts all over the sky and pass through each color of that rainbow, as many times as I want.  And when the rainbow disappears, as they do, I can carry the memory of it in my heart.

Whether you are above it, or beneath it, it's still a rainbow, and it's still wonderful.


  1. You are right, it is wonderful...even from a distant sideays view!

  2. I adore rainbows. Several years back and with my dearly missed MIL, I saw a complete double rainbow that stretched from one side of a lake to the other, uninterrupted...beautiful. I will always remember it! Thanks for gifting me that memory today!

  3. There is something about the imagery of sitting underneath the rainbow that is hugely comforting. Like the damp wetness and warmth that comes when the sun comes out afterwards and the rainbow comes. Nothing better.


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