Sunday, February 19, 2012

Train Obsessions

Zane loves trains. Big or small, fast or slow, the boy loves them.  Down the road from us is a spot where Union Pacific has tons of tracks; the different trains passing through stop there for various reasons.  Whenever I can, I drive by there so he can see them.  It makes him happy.  The fact that there's a Dairy Queen there does NOT factor into my doing this for my son.  Not at all.

We also try to hit the train shows as often as we can.  We usually make it to this room, where the Garden Railroad dudes hang out.  I had no idea that you can actually put a train in your garden, but that is what these particular trains are supposed to be used for.  Zane likes to sit and watch these trains. 

His father likes to go into the main room, where the Lego trains are set up, and the AFOLs congregate.  AFOL stands for Adult Fans of Legos.  (It is a guy thing, or a geek thing, to throw down some initials to demonstrate the significance of something.  Either that or to shorten the name, as in ComiCon.  I have no idea why.)  Zane likes the Lego trains, particularly now that he has one of his own set up in half of my living room.   Larry likes to talk to the other AFOLs about how they set their Legos up, what sort of modifications they have implemented, etc.   After about five minutes of this, when my eyes have glazed over, I take Zane around to see all the other trains.  The garden trains are the biggest model trains; there are many smaller models, all laid out within little miniature cities with tiny people waving at you.   It's all very interesting, although in my mind I am calculating just how much of these train parts I would vacuum up accidentally and how quickly. 

But the garden trains are Zane's first love. They are the perfect size for a boy to play with.  They are not, however, the perfect size for setting up in my living room.  I've mentioned that Larry could set the trains up in the garage after it was cleaned out.  He's not buying it so far. 

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