Friday, December 2, 2011

Red Writing Hood: And Her Glory Shone All Around

Prompt: This week we’d like you to write a piece about hair. It can be about you or one of your characters where hair figures prominently. Don’t just describe it. Use it as a vehicle to tell us something about your character, a situation, you and your life. This is a continuation of my dragon story, here.

A dragon!

Drawn by the light of an enormous fire, Arik watched the dragon from his hiding place in the forest. He had witnessed the change from dragon to woman, stunned. He had stared in disbelief as she stumbled from the fire and crawled to the cooling waters of the lake. As she rose from the water to stand, smoke rolled away from her pale skin, and all was revealed to Arik in the moonlight.

He was transfixed.

Even wet, the dragon’s new hair caught the firelight and consumed it, until the rich obsidian waves seemed to glow in the darkness. Arik could not take his eyes off of the thick, rippling waves of hair that undulated down her shoulders to her waist. Her hair seemed to be a living entity, enticing in its sensuality. He wanted to grab those locks, to feel them flow over the bare skin of his hands. The urge was so visceral that Arik clenched his hands into fists, feeling those tresses slide through his fingers. He drew in a breath.

At his inhalation, the dragon turned slowly toward the darkness surrounding his hiding place, as if she could see Arik, or feel the weight of his stare. Her eyes glowed. He froze.

“I know that you are there, human.” To Arik’s ears, the dragon’s voice was melted chocolate. She held out an open hand toward him.


I should be afraid, he thought. No one would have called him coward for running. Instead, he was intrigued.

He stepped out of the forest and walked toward her.


  1. Uh-oh, lured by naked beauty and hair! I loved the imagery of the hair absorbing the fire, particularly apropos of a dragon-turned-human.

  2. Oh... that could be a bad decision... or not. If this were a book I would have it read in a day!
    So, is there more?

  3. Nice job with all of it, but especially the hair and how the hair drew him towards her. Victorian literature (which I'm rather fond of) does a lot of hair description (they weren't allowed to talk about other body parts so the hair stood in place of, um, other anatomy). This reminds me of some that I've read.

  4. Hrmmm... will she bed him, or EAT him? Teehee. Good stuff!

  5. Perfect... love this line 'all was revealed to Arik in the moonlight'

  6. Love this intriguing story line!

  7. Ooh. Very sensuous and intriguing. I want to know if she eats him AFTER she beds him! :-)

  8. I love this - so very much. The magic, the intense moment, the connection between them. Love.

    This - "the dragon’s voice was melted chocolate" is perfection.

  9. You bring your fantasy world to life so well, which I find so difficult.

    I was with it every moment until the melted chocolate line. For whatever reason it sticks out. Perhaps because there's a shapeshifting dragon, firelight, and an otherwordly ambiance, melted chocolate seems so ordinary.


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