Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Not Your Average Bungee Jump

Being sort of lazy, I often just hang my bra from the door knob of my closet.  Don't judge!  Actually, forget the laziness. I also hang it there because that way I know where it is in the event of a fire.  I can grab my kid, purse and my bra and be out the door/window in no time flat.  'Cause I'm all about safety, and not appearing in public with floppy boobs.

On this particular evening, I had the closet door open, and my cat Pounce was sitting just inside the door, hanging out.  She tends to hunker down and doze off, like cats do.  Something startled her.  It could have been the sound of me breathing; that cat is just not all there.  Pounce took off like a bat out of hell.

Except that she jumped right into my hanging bra.

I would love to be able to say that Pounce is smart enough that she did not panic and extricated herself without incident.  I would be lying.  Pounce was hopelessly tangled up in my favorite leopard skin bra, which was still attached to the door.  As I stared in complete bewilderment, my poor cat just managed to completely wrap herself in my bra. It was as if my bra had turned into a boa constrictor.  I think that Pounce's head was stuck in the cup at one point, but I can't be sure.  Pounce was completely hysterical trying to get away from the evil that is my bra.  She was doing that wail that cats sometimes do when not sedated.  I could not get near Pounce without having my arms ripped to shreds.  All I could do is watch and pray that my poor bra did not suffer the consequences.

Finally, Pounce got her back legs back on the ground.  Freedom!  She took off--forgetting that her upper body was still trapped.  My poor, crazy cat traveled about a foot, pulling the closet door shut with a bang...and then she was tossed back to the door.  My bra strap was still attached to the doorknob. 

Pounce was an unwilling, bungee jumping kitty.

I was laughing hard at the look on her face, because poor Pounce still hadn't connected what she was tangled in with what was happening to her. She just kept trying to get away, and kept ricocheting back to the door.  I felt a little guilty about it, but the entire scene was so very ridiculous that I think I can be forgiven.  I wish that I had had the foresight to have a video camera ready, but I was shaking so hard from laughter that the picture would have been exceptionally Blair Witch-y. 

I was finally able to get to one side of Pounce without getting clawed to ribbons, and lifted the bra strap off of the doorknob. My hysterical kitty took off, with my bra, and ran straight for her hiding place under the bed.  It took a couple of hours to coax her out of there so I could untangle her, then she had a flashback and hightailed it back under the bed.  She will probably be under there for a couple of days, or until she gets hungry.

Meanwhile, I have a reason to go shopping for bras.  Should I feel guilty about that too?


  1. Too too funny! (And I feel a little guilty for the poor cat...but I still laughed)

  2. Settling down to visit after Christmas, this had to be the funniest sight. Poor Pounce!


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