Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Does The Green Lantern Like Cookies?

Apparently the answer to that question is yes.  There probably isn't any sort of notation anywhere in the DC universe that would say so definitively, however.  After all, superheroes have to watch their figures.  Those tights show everything!

My kid likes to play dress up.  He has several superhero costumes, a knight costume and a pirate costume.   But I digress.  We were discussing Green Lantern's fondness for cookies.

The illustrious Green Lantern was following me around the other day, asking me about cookies.  These cookies were vital to the continued tranquility of sector 2814.  I was in the middle of reading blogs, of course; he was persistent.  I finally told Green Lantern that I would make him cookies, but that he would have to help.  We dragged a chair over to the counter, washed his hands, and got to work.


The intrepid Green Lantern used his super strength and stirred the eggs and butter...


He added the cookie mix(Yeah, I use a mix. Sue me.).


The Green Lantern used his power ring and placed the cookie dough on the baking sheet.  He waited patiently near the stove while the cookies were baking and kept lookout for Sinestro and Parallax, two villains known for their cookie addictions.


In no time at all, the mission was deemed a success!  The cookies supercharged Green Lantern's ring! Green Lantern flew away to resume his patrol of sector 2814; I reminded him that his powers are only to be used for good as he disappeared.

That was when I noticed that all the dishes had been left to me.  Dang.  That power ring would certainly be pretty useful for cleaning dishes, wouldn't it?


  1. thats awesome lol

    Minus the dressing up, Tommy has a new found interest in baking. Not so much the DOING part (he'll mix something for a minute or 2) it's the eating part thats SO important to him!!

    Mix or no mix, YAY FOR COOKIES!!!!!!

  2. Safe to say, who doesn't like cookies?! I need some right now to restore some of my super powers! Zane is one cute superdude!

  3. My niece was amazed to learn recently that you can add food coloring and make your food different colors. I know this seems like something that's pretty common sense, but you don't know my niece. It was an "ah hah" moment for her.

    The next day I put green food coloring in my daughter's orange juice. Yeah. . . green juice. I texted it to my niece because of the conversation the previous day. Turns out she had the same idea and texted me back a picture of green scrambled eggs she made.

    My POINT. . . is that Green lantern has no power of yellow things, but can control green things. You should make green cookies next time. . .

  4. Ah, everyone should have such a cute Green Lantern.

  5. What a cute Green Lantern!! And yummy looking cookies... perhaps he could fly some of those cookies to me next time?


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