Thursday, November 3, 2011

I am Guest Posting!!!

I am so excited!!!

My BBF(Blogging Best Friend--I just made that up), mentor, and all around great person Jillsmo over at Yeah. Good Times. asked me PERSONALLY if I would like to guest post. Okay, she asked the whole internet if they wanted to guest post. But I read that invitation personally. By MYSELF. No cats were involved.

I wrote a true story. And it really DID take me ten years to clean out my closet/purses.

But it's Jillsmo!!! And it is my very first guest post! Did I mention that I am excited? Because I am. Excited. Really! So do I need a special outfit for this event? New shoes?

I will be back tomorrow with your regularly scheduled programming...


  1. It is cramping my procrastinating stylings this morning that your post isn't up yet over there. Perhaps some finishing touches on drawings. I could sit here and wait I guess--the ultimate procrastination tool, or check back later...hmmmmm....

  2. How exciting!! I read that invitation, too, but I didn't think I had anything of interest to say. But I've guest blogged a few times... on my dad's blog!! I don't really think that counts, though.

  3. She's never writing another blog again, I think. Good post.


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