Monday, November 14, 2011

The A-List, First Edition

I was reading a blog(currently my favorite pastime), and a blogger posted her list of her 'top five'. These are the five guys that she would have a "free pass" to sleep with, should the unlikely opportunity come along. Whatever. The cool thing about daydreams is that you can imagine speaking, or "whatever", with people you will never meet in person without any fear of restraining orders. I haven't been interested in sleeping with anyone who isn't my husband since I got married, because he's hot. I would be lying if I said that I didn't look, but that is pretty much it for me. So my 'top five' are not guys with whom I would like to have a "free pass".

Most of the time when you see these sorts of lists, it describes a dinner party. I have no wish to poison any of these nice gentlemen with my cooking; I just wouldn't mind having a conversation. This list, then, is actually more of a "famous guys with whom I would be interested in talking with while eating a reasonably priced meal." I say 'talking with', but who am I kidding? I would probably be so very tongue-tied that I would just stare at them and probably even drool a little. I would look as though I was having a petit mal seizure of some sort, I am embarrassed to admit.

Here is my list, and I'd appreciate it if nobody pointed or laughed:

Jon Stewart
Viggo Mortensen
Jensen Ackles
Christian Bale
Nathan Fillion

There's no women on my list, simply because I haven't ever gotten over my general annoyance that most of them have personal trainers and chefs.

Jon Stewart is on there because that man is smart AND witty. Smart AND witty men are just about the rarest and most fascinating creatures on the planet. He is well read, well spoken, and keeps up with current events. All that and he is hilarious. That's like, the total package. I could just sit and listen to him and laugh and maybe ask a few questions right before they brought out the dessert.

Viggo Mortenson made the list because he is a different kind of smart, which fascinates me. He is an artist, and I have always wanted to talk to an actual artist about his creative process in detail. I am sure that my incessant questions would annoy him, because he's mysterious. Mysterious people don't like to talk about why they are mysterious, because it's not very mysterious. I would ask anyway.

Jenson Ackles is on my list because I think he would be the kind of guy I could go hang out with in a bar where we would drink beer and shoot some pool and crack jokes. My husband and I used to do that before we were married, and I enjoyed our dates. These days we don't have the time. The ability to just go cut loose, get drunk, maybe get into a bar brawl(okay, not really. I have this aversion to pain) would be nice. Bonus, Jenson Ackles would be able to front me some bail money if we got arrested for brawling. Which I would never do.

Christian Bale is on the list because he has a really excellent accent; I'd want him to read me a story. Just kidding! Mr. Bale is on my list because he has been the very first person to capture the essence of Batman on screen. Batman is a very dark character, and was not meant to be portrayed frivolously. I understand why Christian Bale does not want to be 'stuck' playing Batman for the rest of his life; the therapy alone would cost millions. But I sure wouldn't mind talking about comic books or movies with him.

Nathan Fillion rounds out my list because, well, wow. His character on Firefly was romantic, brave, and funny, and 'swashbuckling'. Fox was just plain stupid to cancel that show. I only watch Castle because he's on it. His characters kind of remind me of Captain Kirk, and I am not sure that wasn't intentional. Nathan Fillion seems like he would be fun to play on the Xbox with, and he would probably have tons of awesome movies that we could watch, and it would all be very comfortable. I could maybe even wear sweats.

So who would make your "Top Five"?


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  2. (Ooops, had to fix my comment). I will bring the food if you are having Jon Stewart over. You make the drinks, so that maybe we can find some words to say!

  3. I used to be a bartender, Andrea, so I can do drinks!

  4. My hubs and I really enjoyed Firefly. So right. That show should not have been canceled. And Nathan Fillion really created a memorable and lovable character there.

  5. Ohhh, I just saw Lord of the Rings (again) last night and Viggo and the Elf any day.

  6. I'm still upset about Firefly. What were they thinking?? And yes, Castle. Did you see the episode where he dressed up as his Firefly character for Halloween? I completely geeked out... my husband had no clue why I was so excited about it.


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