Saturday, October 15, 2011

Even Darth Vader Listened to his Mama

This is one of my favorite commercials. Not only is it adorable, it's hilarious. Zane is often seen dressed in only his Lego underpants, wearing his own Darth helmet. He likes to press the button that makes the *whoosh* sound of Darth breathing. He also likes to press the button to hear Darth say:

"You don't know the power of the Dark Side."

I think that the breathing sound is a little creepy(it reminds of of ICU), but there are worse things in the world than listening to James Earl Jones' voice.

Zane REALLY likes that quote about the Dark Side. Right now he walks around muttering it under his breath like a mantra. His teacher has not said a word about it, but I wonder if he mutters about Darth at school. Kids will latch onto quotes or song lyrics because they like how the words flow; I assume that is what Zane is doing here. Still, it's been difficult not to laugh when Zane gets in trouble. He wanders off, muttering, "You don't know the power of the Dark Side," in his best Darth imitation.

But if you laugh at the things that your child says when you are trying to discipline them, it kind of kills the point you are trying to make. It's sort of like a game of Chicken. If you laugh or show any emotion when you are supposed to be stern, they 'win'. It's the equivalent of blinking first.

I am determined not to laugh. Even Darth Vader listened to his mother, and I am certain that she did not laugh at his hijinks, either.


  1. I love that commercial, too! Little boys... they are so much fun. It would be difficult not to chuckle at his dark side quote!

  2. That commercial turns my grey days into purple ones. The hilarity never gets old. When it comes to not laughing to remain control, I'm right there with you. You could always laugh later, though. Like now when you retell the story. These are the moments you'll remember when he's all grown up.

  3. Good luck to you in not laughing or even smirking at the "dark side" comments! He'd be seeing a lot of my back as I would have to look away very quickly!


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