Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Competition Has Left Me Behind

I don't think of myself as competitive. Most because I can't really work up enough energy to get worked up about being competitive. Even if there is something that I am good at, I'm just sort of 'meh' about competing against other people.

I know that there are people out there who are major competitors. If you've done something, they have to do it better, faster, and prettier than you. I've started walking? They are jogging. I am jogging? They're running marathons, so neener-neener-neener. Bastards.

My general dislike of competition began in the sixth grade. There was a competition to see who could read the most books in a grading period. There was this girl, Lynnette, who made it her personal mission to read the most books, and the teacher wouldn't count ANY of the hundreds of comic books I had read for the contest. Not even The Cross and the Switchblade, which was about Tom Landry and God or something! However, that same teacher counted The Hobbit as TWO for Lynnette, which won her the stupid contest. I am pretty sure that if I ran into Lynnette today, I'd punch right in the face. But I'm not bitter.

After that, I lost the will to live. Just kidding. I did lose the will to compete. Even when I won the school spelling bee at the end of that year, I had no interest in competing, and was as surprised as anyone that I won. Every contest that I have won has left me questioning the wisdom of the judges.

So when I started blogging, I decided to try this just for fun:

Top Mommy Blogs - Mom Blog Directory

People who visit your blog click on the button, and your popularity is judged worthy based on the number of people who vote for you. I was hoping to hit the top 100. I think that I'm number 4,000,042. That is downright depressing! I've decided that this is too much like high school, where I have to be nice to all the right people so they will let me sit near them. What do all of you think? Do you care about these 'vote for me!' events? What brings you back to a blog, or gets your attention?


  1. First of all, I'd punch Lynette for you if I saw her! Second, I have to confess that as much of a rule follower that I am, the pretty bloggy colors must distract me as I did not follow the directions to click the button everyday...and I read and enjoy your blog...every now I feel like you could be at at least 3,999,999 if I had paid closer attention! I am still hoping to hit 100 followers--HA! I love the real stories that add reflection and some humor thrown in doesn't hurt to lure me back! I'll always save a seat for you!

  2. Awwww! We should go find Lynnette. Right now. :-)

    I like reading the funny, and I like to see how people do with the writing prompts. But mostly, I am nosy!

  3. She got 2 credits for reading The Hobbit? Did anyone quiz her on these stories? I think she cheated and deserves that punch in the nose. ;)

    I think my blog is on that vote for me site, but I took those buttons down a long time ago. Life is enough of a competition without my stressing over how popular my blog is. it's popular enough for my needs.

    I tend to follow blogs that I get something from--they make me laugh, they have similar stories, they make me think, they are my soul sisters, etc. I don't have a ton of blogs I read on a regular basis because I just dont have the time. I try to make a point to visit some of my favorites at least once a week. (WoE ladies usually get my weekends).

    I let my stats keep me happy, even if they aren't commenting.

  4. I LOATHE those competitive one-upmanship bulls**tters! And I'd rather get my blog feedback from comments and followers rather than some (probably rigged) competition you could throw by voting for yourself numerous times!

    Maybe you can take comfort in the fact that being a childless Aussie, overseas 'mommy' blogs aren't high on my reading list. But I read yours ...

  5. I will admit to having "click-phobia", probably a facebook related disorder, as I don't generally go around Liking everything to try and win a dust mop, due to the things I will have to read later. But I read what you write, faithfully, and it is my little bit of sanity I find out there.

    Hang in!

  6. I've only just started blogging again. How amazed was I to find out how crazy the blogging world has become? I am encouraged by the welcoming writing communities and pleasant blog commenters who've been kind enough to visit my site. I've also been intimidated by what appear to be the same kinds of cliques that weirded me out in high-school. Only now the cliques are centered around who's got the most followers, the most Klout, etc. And the worst thing? I check my Klout score. I've been blogging again all of two weeks, and I'm already checking my Klout score. Shoot me now.

    But to answer your question without writing a novel: What gets me to a blog is usually a link-up from a writing community, or a shout-out from a blogger I'm already following. What *keeps* me at a blog is relating to the content, and being entertained or enlightened. I try to make sure to comment so bloggers know they've got an audience, I hope that's more meaningful than an anonymous vote.


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