Monday, September 19, 2011

Seeing the World

I love to travel. I like to go to new places, see the sights and wander about, mostly because I love history. I love meandering through museums, looking at pieces of the past, and I love going on guided tours, where there is someone who can point out pieces of history that I may have missed.

When I was a kid and my father was stationed in Germany, the whole family would pile in the car and drive to different countries. We didn't have very much money, so we would pack camping gear. We would find a campsite, set up our tent, and go exploring. Even at a young age, I could feel the ancient past calling to me, begging to be discovered. I was, and still am, a history geek. I can remember playing near our campsite in Florence, Italy, and trying to dig up a rock that looked like it might be a statue. When we were in Greece, I got to see Lord Byron's name(if you don't know who that guy is, google him. He was what they called a 'character'.) carved into a column in a temple that overlooked the sea, and I was transported. I even tried to read some of his poetry, which was a pretty big deal for a ten year old.

I want Zane to have the opportunity to discover the world around him. I have seen what becomes of people who never travel anywhere outside a ten mile radius from their home, and poor language skills is only the beginning. I do not want my child's intellectual and cultural growth stunted, so we have begun to take little family trips. It took a bit to convince my husband, who likes his comfortable chair, but he's been great about finding the best hotel rooms. We tell Zane that we are going on an 'adventure', which he seems to like.

What better place to start exploring than our own state? Texas has an extremely rich and varied history, beyond the Alamo. There's a tree in Landa Park in New Braunfels, for instance, that is reported to be over a thousand years old. Fredricksburg has a wildflower farm. The oldest Polish settlement in the United States is in Panna Maria. The field where the Battle of Medina was fought isn't far from here. The 'birthplace' of Billy the Kid is right up Highway 281, as is the former home of Lyndon Baines Johnson, who is famous for picking up a basset hound by the ears and having really cool initials.

Plus, there's an actual Dinosaur State Park!! A park for actual dinosaurs!

That was only half true--there IS a Dinosaur State Park, but it's called that because you can see the footprints of the dinosaurs who passed through the area. My point is that there are a lot of things for us to see as a family right around here. When Zane gets old enough, we can start venturing out of state, and maybe out of the country. Who knows what sorts of adventures we can find?


  1. I love hearing that other families travel... as a family! Most people (that I know) don't take their kids on vacation with them. It's too much trouble and they won't get to relax. What.ever.

    My parents took me and my brother everywhere. I was 4 the first time they took us out of the country (to Mexico City) and I was 19 on the last trip. We actually still travel together, but 19 was the last time their dime. And now me and Hubby take our kids everywhere. My oldest was 1 year old when we took her out of the country (again, to Mexico City... she's been 3 times in her 5 short years). Hubby didn't grow up traveling but he sees the importance of it now. We make a point to scrimp and save up for one great trip per year.

  2. If I go pack now, can I come too...doesn't really matter where...just an adventure! Oh, I should go with my own family? Okay.


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