Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Perfect Reading Chair

The very best place to read is a chair.

Not just any chair, however.

A person would not be able to read comfortably sitting in a 14th century replica of King Patooie the 221st's throne, for instance. Nor would it be a good idea to try to read anything while sitting on a chair made out of nails or porcupine hide, unless you like that sort of thing. No, it takes a very special chair for the ultimate reading experience.

When we were all children and learning to read, we were wide-eyed and adventurous with our reading material. Therefore, the perfect reading chair must be so very large that it makes an adult feel small, like a child. The kind of chair where a person can curl up in a ball, or dangle their swinging legs over the edge while they read. A chair that was made to sometimes share with a friend so a book can be read together.

A very BIG chair, in other words.

One of my greatest disappointments as a child was reading Where The Red Fern Grows and not having the right chair to soothe me. A desk chair just doesn't have the same feel. Some stories, such as To Kill A Mockingbird or Lord of the Flies, might also reveal parts of ourselves that are secret, hidden away from even our own eyes. At that point, a hug might be very reassuring. This perfect reading chair should be overstuffed, enveloping the reader in a soft, comforting embrace.

The perfect reading chair must not be a dull color. It is supposed to be special, unusual, and unique.

Beige is not worthy.

White won't cut it.

Black is definitely out.

An iridescent blue the color of a waterfall?

A green the color of dragon's scales?

A purple that is an exact match to a rare Amazonian carnivorous butterfly? Perfect. My favorite would be the purple, just because I like the idea of a carnivorous butterfly.

Nothing ruins a reading experience quite so suddenly as the rapid disintegration of a chair leg. This perfect reading chair must have the sturdiness to carry the reader forward on their journey of exploration and discovery. It should be able to withstand rocketships blasting off, cattle stampedes through the living room, and broadsword-flailing Beserkers charging the shore.

When our imaginations are fired up, ready to pull us into the pages of the book we are reading, our efforts may be extinguished if all we have around us are walls. The perfect reading chair would be situated next to a big window, which is a natural imaginary doorway and an easily identifiable beacon to bring us home again. There should be a lamp next to the chair, so we can continue reading even after darkness chases the daylight away. And finally, there should be a little table next to the chair, where the reader might place a glass of water or other libation, for traipsing through the desert with Lawrence of Arabia leaves one with a powerful thirst.

A BIG, comfy, purple, sturdy, chair is the very most perfect place to read.

I have yet to actually see such a wondrous chair in my life, but I am sure that it exists. I see it in my dreams often. I know that one day it will find me. It may even be stalking me now, waiting to leap out of the purple sage in my yard and pounce on me when the next box from Amazon arrives at the door.


  1. When you find it, give me a shout-I want one!

  2. I want a big purple chair now too! And wine. Always.

  3. A big purple chair that folds itself around you feel like you are wrapped away from the world :)


  4. This was such a fun read! We are of like minds on the topic of large, comfy, purple, sturdy reading chairs!

  5. I love this post it reminded me of my mother she had her reading chair. We all knew to stay out of her chair of course unless she was out shopping.
    New follower form the Wild Weekend hop. Hope you stop by for a visit.

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  8. I love to sit on a big, bulky, and comfortable chair whenever I read. I have to agree with you that a desk chair just doesn't have the same feel.

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