Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Getting A Few Things Off My Chest

My brain still has not adjusted to being back at work, and we are still having computer problems, which hasn't helped. Sitting around with nothing to do(everything I need to do is on the effing computer!) gets my panties in a serious bunch. When I finally do get my computers fixed, I'll be all stressed out because I'll feel behind. Phooey.

Why do they put the most horrific colors on the underpants that they sell in packs? Why can't I just buy a three-pack of black? Men can buy packs of underpants in reasonable colors. Why do I get stuck with a florescent yellow-green pair? Do these companies know how huge my butt looks in florescent yellow-green? Who decides this? Tell me, because I want to punch them right in the face. I have enough of a complex about how I look without dealing with that!

Last week I spent a great deal of time writing for a prompt from a website, posted my link, read and commented on several of the other blogger offerings...and not ONE person from that writer's site even looked at what I had written. I've kind of felt like the kid who just doesn't fit over there, the kid who tries too hard to be accepted(OMG, I am reliving my childhood!), and this sort of sealed the deal for me. If it weren't for my virtual blog-friends(is that the right term?) commenting, I probably would have cried because I was feeling hormonal. So...I give up trying to earn their approval for my writing. If I feel like it, I'll write for the prompt. But I'm not going to stress about it, and I'm not going to spend hours reading and commenting when it's not reciprocated. Instead, I will save all my love for my regular, and beloved, readers.

Last night I tried to cook a seven-steak. I hadn't ever heard of seven-steak before; I had to go look it up to even figure out what the hell it was. I wanted to put it in the crock pot all day, but when I said something to Larry about it, he got this 'ew' look on his face, so I didn't. So I ruined it, trying to cook it on the stove. Sometimes I don't even know why I bother trying to cook at all. Even my own child would rather eat waffles! Somebody else needs to do the cooking; I feel too incompetent with a spatula. Plus I keep setting my kitchen on fire and the alarm company is probably going to start charging us extra.

And why the hell can't my gray hairs gather in one spot like Jo Beth Williams in Poltergeist? It's bad enough that I HAVE gray hairs, can't I at least look trendy or cutting edge for once?

There just isn't enough chocolate to put me in a good mood today. I hope that tomorrow is better!

This concludes the venting/whining. We now continue with your regularly scheduled programming...


  1. ha,ha, just stumbled upon your blog and love your sense of humour (this is the way we spell it in Canada - OCD), anyway, you made me laugh and I love the way you express yourself, kinda reminds me of ME :):)
    I never heard of a seven steak either - first I thought it was a steak that weighed seven pounds and thought YIKES - I wouldn't want to cook that bugger either, although I love cooking everything on the BBQ, and I mean just about everything - hate cooking in the house.
    OK, bottom line, enjoyed reading your blog.
    Looking forward to coming back - perhaps u might check mine out as I am still new at this, although enjoying it the few months since I started.
    Cheers n have a nice day

  2. OH MY, I have had those days, I mean weeks!! Just remember, life is full of trials and not all of them end up with a perfect dinner or pair of underwear!! ha ha ha Hope your day is better!! ~KM

  3. Hi! I've been reading your blog for a while now, but I don't think I've ever commented before. Maybe once. Anyway, please allow me to introduce myself. I'm Grace.

    I am a stickler for the rules, and if the rules of that writer's prompt thingie state that each blogger is supposed to follow other bloggers, then that's the way it's supposed to be. Not ok, lazy bloggers!! I know what you mean, though. Sometimes the bloggysphere feels like high school all over again.

    And I have never heard of a seven-steak, but I'm sure I would have burned it too.

  4. Yeah, come back here and hang with the cool kids...we have good snacks in our lunches and will share some comment love! Any pack of underwear that says "wedgie-free" should probably also say "no sexiness added"---even in neon! I have to go now to find out what a seven steak is!

  5. Watch out for Grace, she's a doozie. Seriously, I love her like my drinking buddy on friday night and I'd give her my last beer.

    I hate that with some hook ups (that just sounds wrong but I'm gonnna leave it anyway) when no one responds. What's worse is when you go back to your stats and see that they came but didn't say anything. Sigh.

    If you're talking about The Kiss, I loved it. Wish I could get in on some of that.

    Sorry I've been MIA--school starting for the kids tomorrow. Been missing ya!


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